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HourBitClub – secure investment project

HourBitClub is a new secure investment project designed for people who want to get a reliable source of real income – or so the site says – but we know better don’t we? It’s just a bitcoin HYIP. But, it is from the admin who brought us the recently scammed LighBitcoin and other strong performers such as TopBitHourly and PayerCoin. So, what are you waiting for?

But first, just a quick reminder that investing in bitcoin HYIPs is risky and before you throw your bitcoin into a potential trap, please check my basics page for more info. If you are happy to accept the risk and invest, then I suggest as always with this style of HYIP to invest early, or simply wait for the next one. The program is on day one at the time of writing and it is building up quickly as all these programs do.

Investment Plans

HourBitClub is very similar to LightBitcoin except it only pays 7.2% daily instead of 8.4%. The minimum deposit is 0.01 BTC and this plan will take 14 days to reach 100% ROI. The slightly lower payout rate should see it run slightly longer and hopefully to around the 160% ROI point. As always, there are some other plans which you should avoid such as 8,000% after 35 days and a VIP plan for 6,000% after 4 days. I should point out that the ‘P’ in ‘VIP’ is not you in this case.

Hopefully, most of you regular readers are starting to learn the strategy for this style of HYIP, but as a refresher, again I am recommending the same as I did for LightBitcoin. Invest early, and then simply withdraw when you can. You should not invest any further, even if you really think you should.

RCB Offer

For HourBitClub I am offering 100% RCB (referral commission back), which means you get back all of the referral commission of the bitcoin you invest from me. To claim your RCB, simply use the contact form after you have invested and send the following details:

  • Your HourBitClub username
  • The email address you used for HourBitClub
  • A screenshot of your main account page
  • A bitcoin wallet address

NOTE: To qualify for RCB you must use my ref link and only invest bitcoin. All RCBs will be paid after it scams.

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