How to claim from the Moonbit faucet

I played around with many titles for this one but ended up going boring. Anyway, all you newbies read on as I walk you through claiming from the Moonbit faucet.

On your first visit to Moonbit you will be overwhelmed with advertising but stay focused as you need to specify your payment option. If you have an email linked wallet address then use that, if not just use your wallet address.

1. Click claim

Once logged in you can then claim either straight away or let the faucet build up and claim when you want. When you go to claim look for the following part of the page:

Claim button
Claim button

You will see your time since last claim as well as the current amount that can be claimed from the faucet. Firstly check your sign-in details and then click the “claim now” button.

This will invoke a captcha pop-up screen where you will need to enter some information to prove you are human. All faucets use some kind of captcha system to prevent computers programmed to claim from them automatically (commonly known as bots). This deprives the faucet of eyeballs and therefore revenue. Moonbit uses a few different types of captcha but they all look a bit like this:

Moonbit captcha
Moonbit captcha

2. Complete Captcha

Simply type the phrase as prompted and click submit. NOTE: You may need to click a “Play” or “Reveal” button to get the captcha to open. In which case you will see the captcha part zoomed and you will have to click a “Return to Page” button before getting the “submit” button. Once submitted, the page (and ads) will reload and all going well you will have been rewarded.

3. Check the spoils

Now look for this part of the new page:

Reward box

It shows the breakdown of your claim, how much was actually claimed, and where it went (hopefully your address).

So, go on, lose yourself in the ads and have some free time before claiming from Moonbit again.

Happy claiming!