How to get some holiday bitcoin

Everybody loves holidays but how do you keep earning bitcoin while you are taking a break. Well, if you have an internet connection you can continue collecting from faucets, but sitting on a beach completing captchas is simply not cool. So, how can it be done?

If you are prepared to spend a small amount of time on faucets you can choose ones that offer some kind of incentive or bonus such as Moonbit which has a percentage multiplier for daily use, or Bonus Bitcoin which has a 5% daily bonus on claims. Both of these can increase earnings while minimizing your time spent.

If you would like to be a little more hands-off you can stick to more investment style bitcoin games. Farm satoshi is a great example which I blogged about here. Another good one is Cannon Satoshi which is much more simple but potentially higher income. Although, it takes some time and effort to build up to higher earnings, once you are at the higher levels you can draw a reasonable income with minimal effort.

However, to really put your feet up while still earning bitcoin the answer is investing. I’m not talking about a huge chunk of money on Google shares and waiting years – I’m talking about some lower capital investments with short-terms and high returns known as High-Yield Investment Programs (HYIPs). The vast majority of these accept bitcoin nowadays.

The basic premise of a HYIP is to put up an amount of capital and then you earn a percentage of this capital per day. All have different requirements and conditions so you need to do your homework before investing, but generally you can start investing from as little as 100,000 satoshi.

Good examples of HYIPs at the moment are: MinuteBTC, BloomBTC, and Bitairy. Theses are all still healthy and paying on time. Although these are high-risk, with a little experience and know-how you can draw quite a nice income.

So, stay tuned to my blog about more information on investing and earning more bitcoin for doing less.