How to get started in bitcoin advertising

Bitcoin advertising has really taken off over the last few years which is not surprising given the growth of bitcoin, and the popularity of bitcoin sites. It really was an untapped market for a long time. Not anymore… there are now many bitcoin advertising companies all offering a slightly different service. So, lets take a look at the basics and how to get started.

I’m writing this a small-time blogger who advertises with a number of bitcoin advertising companies as well as has ad spaces on this website. Therefore, this article is targeted at bloggers and newbies to bitcoin advertising. Obviously, Google AdSense is also a viable option for advertising on your site but it is not strictly bitcoin, so I will save it for another article.


I’ll spare you the absolute basics of bitcoin advertising; but suffice to say that there are commonalities in all advertising. To get started, it really comes down to two main options which you can choose to be one or both:

  1. Advertiser – You advertise your site/stuff
  2. Publisher – You allocate adspace on your site


As an advertiser, you create your ad on the chosen advertising website and purchase space for your ad to be displayed. On many sites you can choose which site(s) you want your ad on (targeted advertising) or simply purchase a block amount so your ad will appear on a number of sites (network advertising). For targeted advertising you pay either a fixed cost for each time your ad is displayed on a site, or buy a certain number of clicks. These have special names in the industry as follows:

  • CPMcost per mile. Which is a little misleading, but basically means the cost for your ad to be displayed 1,000 times in the chosen ad space or website. For this to be effective not only does your ad have to be attention grabbing (not annoying), but the ad space has to be chosen carefully.
  • CPCcost per click. This one is a little more obvious, but is significantly more expensive than CPM. However, it can also be more effective as it guarantees a certain number of clicks on your ad regardless of impression, but it is susceptible to malicious users and website owners who can perform invalid clicks on your ad.


As a publisher you create an ad space on your site and advertisers can purchase this space for their ad. All the advertising websites are slightly different in how you create the ad, and how advertisers interact with the ad, but basically you choose the size space you want to allocate, and then you get some “ad code” from the advertising site and place it on your site.

Once verified, ads will start to appear on your site which will range from network ads to targeted campaigns. This can happen instantly, or can take some time before advertisers purchase time in the space. How much you get paid varies significantly. On some sites (eg. Mellow Ads) you can specify how much you will accept for the site while others (eg. AdBit) you specify a minimum amount for advertisers to bid.


So, once you understand the basics of bitcoin advertising you can quickly work out which advertising website is suited to your needs. Ideally, you should use multiple sites to complement each other but be mindful of over-doing it. When creating ads, don’t make them annoying or misleading, and when creating ad spaces, plan them carefully as one or two strategically placed spaces will be more effective then ten ad spaces on a single page. It’s not rocket science.

Oh, and if you can’t see any of the ads on my site then you are probably using adblocker software – in which case, piss off!