How to manage a HYIP portfolio

It might sound a little silly, but if you spend some time managing all the HYIPs that you are invested in, you can get an accurate picture of your investment performance over time. You can go to great lengths to do this, but all I really care about is how much bitcoin I have, so while HYIPs come and go, I always know how much bitcoin I have.

Getting Started

As all HYIPs are very risky and likely to disappear with your bitcoin at any moment, there is a simple method that I use when calculating portfolio value and total return. Unlike other investments you can’t really use an accrual system where the expected interest to be paid is considered part of your portfolio value. It’s better to use a running cash value, as well as a running invested value. Then the value of your portfolio simply becomes the sum of the two.

To get started with a portfolio, the simplest way is to start with a sum of bitcoin and then allocate a percentage to each HYIP that you invest in. A rule I use is up to 10% for any one HYIP. This gives you a limit to investing, and it means you won’t go stupid and place a huge investment on one particular HYIP. It also gives you a quick estimate of how much you have invested – 5 HYIPs, then you are invested 50%.

Managing it

From the allocated amount I then keep track of how much is invested, and how much is left in cash. Thus, the total portfolio value then becomes the cash value + the amount invested. So, for each investment, subtract from the cash and add to the invested total. Each time you make a withdrawal from a HYIP simply add that back to the cash value, and each time a HYIP disappears with your bitcoin simply subtract that from the amount invested.

Total Portfolio Value = Amount Invested + Cash Value

You don’t need to be too fancy about this, it can be as simple as hand-written notes, an excel spreadsheet, or even software which is designed to help track investments or expenditure. Whatever works for you if good enough. I haven’t found any software that is very good for this, and I hate excel, so I use a simple little piece of software I wrote in C#. It’s not perfect, but it does the job.

The Advantages

Sometimes when a HYIP scams you only think about the amount you invested – and it can be devastating – but if you can actually see all your investments in one go as well as you current position, then maybe the loss is not so bad in the big picture. If it is a huge loss, then maybe you need a new strategy for investing in HYIPs.

Another benefit is that if you can keep track of some of the details of each HYIP, you can start to build up a database which will help you identify good and bad HYIPs quickly, as well as give you a clue as to how HYIPs are related. You can even start to spot similarities and identify the admin. I wish I had kept better records when I started HYIP investing – it would have made much more information available for use on this website – oh well.


So, it might not be for everyone, and keeping a track of HYIPs in a portfolio is sometimes very tedious, especially when you are losing on a few; but, overall it gives you more control of your bitcoin and allows you to accurately track how your investments are performing.

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