HYIP Manager

HYIP Manager is a simple application for HYIP investors to track and manage many HYIP investments. Simply add each HYIP and your current investment amounts, then import transactions from blockchain to view your current return. Each HYIP requires a unique wallet payout-address.

HYIP Manage Screenshot
HYIP Manager Screenshot


Download HYIP Manager v0.2


  • “ALL”-Section with all transactions
  • Notes for hyips
  • Option to hide hyips
  • Status bar in the bottom, with transactions, ROI and BEP for the current hyip

Previous Versions

HYIP Manager v0.1

NOTE: HYIP Manager is third-party software and not owned by www.stacksofcoin.com. It comes without any warranty to the extent of any applicable law. It is completely free to download and use, but please do not redistribute, repackage, modify, or sell without consent of the author.

Install Info

HYIP Manager is a .jar file so Java is necessary. Installation will vary for each machine type, but the following info should get you going.


Getting Started

  • Add new HYIPs by clicking on the ‘+’ in the left window – Specify a different address for each HYIP.
  • Add investment amounts to each HYIP by first selecting the HYIP, and then clicking the ‘+’ button in the transaction window
  • Get your transactions from blockchain by clicking the ‘Import’ button


You can contribute to the HYIP Manager project by providing feedback during testing, including bug reports and feature suggestions. Check back for updates.

You can support the HYIP Manager project directly by donating to the author (FloFri) by sending bitcoin to: 1MyrdFY5PNfkZavHiWvLTLLqg4qf28gSMR


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