HYIP Monitor

Stacksofcoin HYIP monitor has the most reliable and trusted information with real time HYIP updates. Here you can check the progress of all my investments in HYIPS (High-Yield Investment Programs). I tend only to invest in crypto-only type programs and have a particular fondness for bitcoin programs. Bitcoin fees are much lower now which makes bitcoin-only programs a bit better but please always remember the risks and NEVER invest what you can’t afford to lose.


HYIPInvestment PlanStartInvestedStatus
TokenizerVariable up to 7% daily until 150%2018-05-230.02PAYING
BitContract9% daily for 20 days, principal included2018-05-230.02PAYING
Altitude12% for 12 days principal included2018-05-220.02PAYING
CryptoTrades2.47% daily principal release2018-05-200.025PAYING
BitDataTrading6.5% daily for 30 days (195%), principal included2018-05-100.01SCAM
Menchor3.6% daily forever, principal release2018-05-030.02 BTCPAYING
BitBounce10% daily forever, principal included2018-04-300.01 BTCSCAM
CryptoBoom105% after 1 day, principal included2018-04-280.02 BTCSCAM
RexBitcoin9% daily for 15 days, principal included2018-04-220.025 BTCSCAM
CrypticMax7% daily forever, principal included2018-04-220.025 BTCSCAM
BitRain3.36% daily forever, principal release2018-01-110.5 LTCSCAM
BitMillion10% daily forever, principal included2018-01-080.5 LTCSCAM
PiggyBank3.2% daily forever, principal release2018-01-070.01 BTCSCAM
BitReserve3.6% daily forever, principal release2017-12-230.5 LTCSCAM