HYIP Monitor

Stacksofcoin HYIP monitor is an advanced HYIP monitoring system based on years of investing experience where you will find only the best paying HYIPs. All HYIPs and online investment programs are carefully assessed before being selected and listed on Stacksofcoin, and all pf them are monitored and verified paying using my personal funds. This not only guarantees you complete and honest HYIP information, but it also gives you reassurance that I take program selection very seriously.

The Stacksofcoin HYIP monitor is broken up into 2 sections for Featured listings and Standard listings. The Featured listings are ones that have had much more analysis and have some defining quality such as experienced admin or long-running plans or a combination of both. The Standard listings are still of excellent quality and investment worthy, but are just lacking some of the elements required to be upgraded.

Both monitor pages are updated every day and each HYIP is ranked to allow you to easily see the best paying HYIPs as well as how each one is performing compared to the others.

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Featured HYIPs

The following are the top 3 paying HYIPs from the Featured listing:


1. LoanBit 2% daily for 7 days, principal returned PAYING: YES
2. BTCHash 3.84% daily principal return for 5% fee PAYING: YES
3. DreamHash 9% daily for lifetime, principal included PAYING: YES

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Standard HYIPs

The following are the top 3 paying HYIPs from the Standard listing:

1. BitChair 10% daily for lifetime, principal included. PAYING: YES
2. HashBit 8% daily for lifetime, principal included. PAYING: YES
2. InvestEllect 1.2% daily for 60 days, principal return PAYING: YES

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Note: HYIP investing is very risky and may result in complete loss of your investment. While great care has been taken when compiling this list, by using this site you agree that stacksofcoin.com will not be liable for any loss. Please read my basics page for more information about HYIPs and HYIP investing.