BitExplosion is a new company who does… well, you already know it’s a HYIP, so lets’s skip the useless information from the website and get straight to it. It offers 2 plans, first is 11% daily principal included for 14 days which is a total return of 154%, second is a plan that pays 3% daily for 60 days and you principal is returned at the end of the period.

As one of my diligent readers pointed out, it is unlikely to run for 60 days, so the safest bet is the 11% plan, and probably only for one round. Profits are paid once daily and you can withdraw once your balance is over 0.0009 BTC. There is a 0.0001 BTC fee for each withdrawal which the FAQs forgot to mention. Minimum investment is 0.001 BTC. This one is high risk (like all HYIPs), so don’t invest bitcoin you can’t afford to lose.


0.00111%666%stat-scamInsaneNo, Included


TypeDetails (if given)
Date Started5th September 2016
Original Plans1. 11% daily for 14 days
2. 3% daily for 60 days
IP Address104.27.137.175
Hosting LocationSan Francisco, California, USA
Company AddressBitexplosion
3349 Liberty Ave
Pittsburgh PA
Contact Phone+12404067145
Company Numbernot-given
Registrar Detailsnot-given


Snapshot of BitExplosion
Snapshot of BitExplosion


5th SeptemberSign up and add initial investment
6th SeptemberPayment received, instant withdrawal. Members: 283. Total Invested: $568.81. NOTE: The system uses batch ids rather than transaction ids. Just check your wallet address instead on blockchain to verify
7th SeptemberPayment received, instant withdrawal. Members: 371. Total Invested: $1,151.
8th SeptemberPayment received, instant withdrawal. Members: 396. Total Invested: $1,236. Alexa rank: 4,597,695
9th SeptemberPayment received, instant withdrawal. Members: 433. Total Invested: $1,355. Alexa rank: 2,803,553
10th SeptemberPayment received, instant withdrawal. Members: 481. Total Invested: $1,729. Alexa rank: 2,230,628
11th SeptemberPayment received, instant withdrawal. Members: 507. Total Invested: $2,425. Alexa rank: 1,842,881
12th SeptemberPayment pending. Members: 518. Total Invested: $2,425. Alexa rank: 1,601,050. Investment level unchanged - possible cause of payments being unplugged
13th SeptemberPayment still pending - calling a scam. Total Invested: $2,444. Alexa rank: 1,428,036.


BitExplosion continued the current trend of early scams and is somewhat disappointing. If the website is to be believed, then this admin only received $2,444 of investment, with an estimated 50% of this being paid out. By the time you take out script and hosting costs it hardly seems worthwhile to run a HYIP. Personally, I made it to a dismal 72%, and another one probably best forgotten.

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