BitLeader is yet another company from the UK involved in cryptocurrency mining, or trading, or something like that. Surely we have reached saturation for this type of company, I mean how many would you think that there actually are? Well, a quick estimate of 5 new ones per day adds up to a total of around 1,500 just this year alone. Imagine if there were that many companies making cell phones – how cheap would they be!

Anyway, enough about what this company doesn’t do, and let’s focus on what it does do. Basically, it’s a High-Yield Investment Program, or HYIP, which is not actually a company, but rather an elaborate scam set up to trick unwary investors. Don’t be one of those investors – only invest in HYIPS if you are prepared to lose. You can find more information about HYIPs on my basics page.

0.013%824%stat-scamInsaneYes, 5% fee

Investment Plans

There are three investment plans to choose from which are based on how much you invest. The first is a 3% daily plan for deposits up to 5 BTC, second is a 3.5% daily plan for 5 to 50 BTC, and third is a 5% plan for deposits above 50 BTC. Read the introduction above if you are thinking about the second or third plan. The site is bitcoin only and the minimum investment is 0.01 BTC for the first plan. The minimum withdrawal is 0.0001 BTC. All plans are principal release for a 5% fee.

Investment Strategy

As for other principal release HYIPs I am again recommending a short run of 10 to 15 days before releasing your principal and getting out. This should see a total return of between 30 and 45% which is not great, but it somewhat better than a large loss. As the HYIP progresses, this may well change, so follow the log below for any updates/


TypeDetails (if given)
Date Started24th September 2016
Original Plans1. 3.0% daily from 0.01 to 5 BTC
2. 3.5% daily from 5 to 50 BTC
3. 5.0% daily from 50 BTC
IP Address91.220.101.9
Hosting LocationSpijkenisse, South Holland, Netherlands
Contact Phone+448217068937
Email[email protected]
Company Number10384089
Registrar DetailsCompanies House, 19th September 2016


The website for BitLeader is fairly basic and not that pretty to look at. It has some rather lame stock images, shocking color scheme, and the more common cringe-worthy presentation and testimonial videos. Other than that it is easy to navigate, and seems to function as it should. The account area is also dead simple to navigate and use. There is even an online chat if you need to confirm if your withdrawal is pending for a good reason, or due to scamming.

Snapshot of BitLeader
Snapshot of BitLeader


24th SeptemberSign up and add initial investment. Members: 448. Alexa rank: n/a
25th SeptemberPayment received, instant withdrawal.
26th SeptemberPayment received, instant withdrawal.
27th SeptemberPayment received, instant withdrawal.
Members: 5,940. Alexa rank: 974,657
28th SeptemberPayment received, instant withdrawal.
29th SeptemberPayment received, instant withdrawal.
30th SeptemberPayment received, instant withdrawal.
Members: 10,876. Alexa rank: 666,025
1st OctoberPayment received, instant withdrawal.
Members: 13,350. Alexa rank: 640,441
2nd OctoberPayment received, instant withdrawal.
Members: 13,877. Alexa rank: 640,441
3rd OctoberPayment pending, possible problems.
Members: 14,469. Alexa rank: 511,301
4th OctoberStill pending, another early scam


Yet another principal release HYIP that can’t even make 10 days. Not a lot of fun investing in HYIPs at the moment. Let’s hope for a turn around soon.

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