BitSolar is a pretty basic bitcoin HYIP that offers 3 plans based on how much you invest. For depostis up to 5 BTC you get 3% daily. Not sure how many solar panels you get, but it’s 100% ROI in about 33 days. The other plans are 4% for 5-20 BTC, and 5% for 20 BTC and above.

The HYIP started on the 4th of August and is bitcoin only. The minimum deposit for the 3% plan is 0.01 BTC and the minimum withdrawal is 0.001 BTC. Your principal deposit can be released at any time. The site also has support for Russian and Chinese languages.

Min. % daily Days % Paying? Risk Release
0.01 3% 10 30% Insane Yes, Anytime


Name Bit Solar
Date Started 4th August 2016
Original Plans 1. 3% daily up to 5 BTC
2. 4% daily 5 to 20 BTC
3. 6% daily 20 BTC and up
IP Address
Hosting Location Rostov, Yaroslavskaya Oblast, Russia
Company Info
Address 134 Claremont Road, Rugby, Warwickshire, United Kingdom
Contact Phone +447024053412
Email [email protected]
Company Number 10295690
Registrar Details Companies House, Cardiff, 26th July 2016


Log shows info about my investments as well as specific information about the HYIP such as, number of accounts, total invested, total withdrawn, changing plans, etc.

14th August: Payment received, instant withdrawal

15th August: Payment received, instant withdrawal. Alexa Rank: 959,754. Total HYIP accounts: 778. Total deposits: 504.54 BTC. Total withdraw: 315.76 BTC

16th August: Payment pending. Alexa Rank: 919,210. Total HYIP accounts: 788. Total deposits: 500.17 BTC. Total withdraw: 315.76 BTC

17th August: Declared a scam. Finished with 30% return. Alexa Rank: 880,917. Total HYIP accounts: 794. Total deposits: info removed. Total withdraw: info removed


Not a great performer, but the writing was on the wall from about day 8 when investment levels began to stagnate. As the HYIP had deposit and withdrawal information on the front page, you could see that deposits had been slowing while the withdrawal level was increasing. Clearly, this is not a good sign, and means that the investors are starting to eat into the admin’s profit.

Unfortunately I don’t have full records, but you can see from the entries above that the that deposits actually dropped (by about 4 BTC), but withdrawals were already shut-down and couldn’t be saved. HYIPs hosted out of Russia tend to be quite sensitive to this, and as usual, the admin pulled the plug. I finished with a return of only 30% – bummer.

NOTE: some HYIPs create false information, so be careful using this technique.