BitStorm is the another reincarnation of 10Bit, and who doesn’t love ’em. Same deal, 10% daily, principal included for deposits up to 5 BTC. 10 days to 100% ROI. Get in early or lose your bitcoin as these HYIPs can only run so long before the investment level gets too high.

The HYIP has been running since the 4th of August and is bitcoin only. The minimum investment is 0.001 BTC and the minimum withdrawal is 0.0001 BTC. The principal is included in the profit and can not be released.

0.00110%15150%stat-scamInsaneNo, Included


TypeDetails (if given)
Date Started4th August 2016
Original Plans1. 10% daily forever from 0.001 BTC
2. 12% daily from 5 BTC
3. 15% daily from 10 BTC
IP Address91.220.101.47
Hosting LocationSpijkenisse, South Holland, Netherlands
Company Address39 Cheyne Court, London, United Kingdom
Contact Phonenot given
Email[email protected]
Company Number10286668
Registrar DetailsCompanies House, Cardiff, 19th July 2016


Log shows info about my investments as well as specific information about the HYIP such as, number of accounts, total invested, total withdrawn, changing plans, etc.

14th AugustPayment received, instant withdrawal
15th AugustPayment received, instant withdrawal. Update risk rating to medium based on investment levels. Alexa Rank: 187,424. Total HYIP members: 13,509. Total deposits: 1,379 BTC. Total withdraw: 645 BTC. Diff: 734 BTC.
16th AugustPayment received, instant withdrawal. Alexa Rank: 167,276. Total HYIP members: 14,394. Total deposits: 1,576 BTC. Total withdraw: 812 BTC. Diff: 764 BTC.
17th AugustPayment received, instant withdrawal. Alexa Rank: 151,376. Total HYIP members: 15,271. Total deposits: 1,884 BTC. Total withdraw: 1,223 BTC. Diff: 661 BTC. Danger signs for BitStorm!
18th AugustPayment received, instant withdrawal. Alexa Rank: 135,853. All account information removed from site.
19th AugustPayment received, instant withdrawal. Alexa Rank: 125,800.
20th AugustPayment received, instant withdrawal. Alexa Rank: 116,741.
21st AugustPayment pending, the system is set to create fake hash details to trick investors. 109,205.
22nd AugustPayment still pending, time to call it a scam. Not sure of total investment, but would be well in excess of 2,000 BTC


Bitstorm ran for approximately 15 days and managed to eclipse it’s predecessor BitcoDaily in terms of incoming investment, but not running time. One possible explanation is the higher referral commission of 8% which eats into the profit of the admin, but also the fact that investors are getting used to this type of HYIP.

Personally, I made it to 150% which is good, but it is the lowest for theses HYIPs (10Bit 280%, 15Bit: 240%, BitcoDaily: 210%), and clearly demonstrates a downward trend in overall return. This seems to make sense and sadly is an inevitable outcome as the popularity of these HYIPS grow. As investors become more familiar, they will tend to invest only at the beginning which significantly reduces the life of the HYIP.