I’m getting a few questions about Coince. It has been running since January and I invested ages ago and got out. It is still paying, and is one of the most stable HYIPs around so I am going back again. 3% daily principal included for 60 days, so about 33 days to 100% ROI. It’s risky, but now you can monitor it here.

This HYIP has been running sine the 11th of January 2016 and is performing brilliantly. It accepts bitcoin, payeer, and perfect money. The minimum investment is $10 or the equivalent in bitcoin, and the minimum withdrawal is $1.00 (or equivalent BTC).

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Coince - Bitcoin Investment Solution


TypeDetails (if given)
NameCoince (Power Supplies & Equipment Ltd)
Date Started11th January 2016
Original Plans1. 3% daily for 60 days
2. 12% daily from 5 BTC
3. 15% daily from 10 BTC
IP Address190.115.29.26
Hosting LocationBelize City, Belize District, Belize
Company Address1 Lumley Street, Mayfair, London, United Kingdom
Contact Phone+44 (203) 695-8830
Emailnot given
Company Number06470633
Registrar DetailsCompanies House(no date or certificate)


Log shows info about my investments as well as specific information about the HYIP such as, number of accounts, total invested, total withdrawn, changing plans, etc.

14th AugustPayment received, instant withdrawal
15th AugustPayment received, instant withdrawal. Alexa Rank: 7,221.
16th AugustPayment received, instant withdrawal. Alexa Rank: 7,131.
17th AugustPayment received, instant withdrawal. Alexa Rank: 7,029.
18th AugustPayment received, instant withdrawal. New plan added: 18% for 10 days. Alexa Rank: 7,005.
19th AugustPayment received, instant withdrawal. Alexa Rank: 6,919.
20th AugustPayment received, instant withdrawal. Alexa Rank: 6,822 and still climbing
21st AugustPayment pending. Alexa Rank: 6,742
22nd AugustPayments coming through again - possible problems. Alexa Rank: 6,643
23rd AugustPayments pending for too long. Calling a scam, some monitors still getting paid but many investors are not. Alexa Rank: 6,579


Coince was a long running HYIP staring in January 2016 and is a good example of how a HYIP can become stable with enough confident investors – according to the website, approximately 2,150,880 investors in fact. This is a staggering number and one can only guess as to how many are completely oblivious to the fact that it is a scam – and was from the very beginning.

Personally I made 180% on my first round from an earlier investment, but lost about half of my investment on my second round as the monitor above shows. This is a good example of why you need to take your gain (or loss) from a HYIP and move on. Coince did the classic move of a VIP plan (18% daily for 10 days) on the 18th of August and sure enough, shut down payments soon after. At the time of writing, it is still paying some monitors but not the vast majority of investors.

Clearly, Conice has demonstrated how good a HYIP can be, but it also gave some examples of what signs to look for when HYIPs get near the end of life. So, if you are new to HYIPs, take some time to research HYIPs and then think about how a HYIP operates – you will be glad you did. Feel free to contact me anytime with questions.