I think GenesisGate is the first company for a long time that isn’t involved (allegedly) in some kind of cryptocurrency mining or trading. In fact, this one doesn’t even mention what it does other than to say that it is some kind of investment firm. Are we to guess what our hard-earned bitcoin will be invested in, or do we simply trust that this company is as ‘awesome’ as they say they are? Feel free to decide for yourself, but I am going to guess… umm, a new kind of gate?

A long shot?… yes. Anyway, this is a HYIP and be sure to read my basics page if that is an acronym that you are unfamiliar with. One thing that does smack you in the face with this one is the feeling of something very familiar about it. It’s hard to explain, but it has a this kind of playful and ‘safe’ feeling about it, the same feeling you get from AimBTC, which many of you are familiar with. I don’t have enough information yet so I can’t confirm either way at this stage. I will let you all know as soon as I can.


0.00013.84%726.88%stat-scamInsaneYes, 5% fee

Investment Plans

GenesisGate offers three plans based on how much bitcoin you invest. The first is the only one to go for which pays 3.84% daily for deposits up to 25 BTC. The other plans require more than 25 BTC which is just plain silly.The minimum deposit is 0.0001 BTC and the minimum withdrawal is also 0.0001 BTC. This site is bitcoin only and you even get a bonus of 0.0001 BTC when you sign up. You earn profit from this, but you cannot withdraw it.

Regardless of admin, I recommend a short-term strategy of around 10 to 15 days for this HYIP as I think it’s better to be safe than sorry. This may change as the HYIP progresses, so keep an eye on my investment log below for more current information.


TypeDetails (if given)
NameGenesis Gate
Date Started30th September 2016
Original Plans1. 3.84% daily from 0.0001 to 25 BTC
2. 4.32% daily from 25 to 100 BTC
3. 4.8% daily from 100 BTC
IP Address104.24.118.30
Hosting LocationSan Francisco, California, United States
Company Addressnot given
Contact Phonenot given
Emailnot given
Company Numbernot given
Registrar Detailsnot given


Snapshot of GenesisGate
Snapshot of GenesisGate

Investment Log

30th SeptemberSign up and add initial investment. Alexa rank: 1,184,214
1st OctoberPayment received, instant withdrawal. Alexa rank: 561,543.
Add second investment
2nd OctoberPayment received, instant withdrawal. Alexa rank: 561,543.
3rd OctoberPayment received, instant withdrawal. Alexa rank: 264,531
4th OctoberPayment received, instant withdrawal. Alexa rank: 264,531
5th OctoberPayment received, instant withdrawal. Alexa rank: 202,462
Add third investment
6th OctoberPayment received, instant withdrawal. Alexa rank: 178,159
7th OctoberPayment received, instant withdrawal. Alexa rank: 178,159
8th OctoberPayment pending possible problems. Risk changed to red
Plans changed to 11% daily. Alexa rank: 172,426
9th OctoberPayment still pending - scam. I think admin went into "lala land" on this one


Thing were going great for GenesisGate – it was paying and building it’s reputation nicely – then one day payments went pending. To top it off it published some stupid 10% daily plans. Is this a case of admin gone mad, or just the way HYIPs are going to be from now one? HOnestly, it’s getting harder to keep going, but then I remember ones like AimBTC, TinderBTC, 1HourlyCoin, and even BitDay which is exceeding all expectations. Problem is, which ones are good?

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  1. Thanks Deanos, let’s hope this one goes for the long haul. I agree it feels familiar, I’m sure we will figure it out as time goes on. Have fun everyone.

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