InstaCoins is another classic bitcoin HYIP offering a few plans which are all principal release. In what will come as no surprise, it is involved in bitcoin cloud mining. The company has an extensive infrastructure that combines classic and modern approaches to Bitcoin mining. Apparently this gives investors a competitive edge in the marketplace.

And, if you believe that, it might be a good idea to read my basics page where you can find more information about bitcoin HYIPs in general, as well as a few ideas to keep your bitcoin safe.

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Investment Plans

InstaCoins offers 3 plans based on how much bitcoin you invest, all of which are principal release. This means that your initial deposits (and others) can be released and withdrawn anytime after the first 24 hours. The first plan is 4.08% daily for deposits up to 1 BTC. The second plan is 4.56% daily for deposits from 1 to 5 BTC, and the third plan is 5.05% daily for deposits larger than 5 BTC. The minimum deposit for the first plan is 0.001 BTC, and the minimum withdrawal is 0.0001 BTC. The site is bitcoin only.

Investment Strategy

This style of HYIP is popular and is a format that can run for more than a month; however, given recent performance I would only recommend a short-term investment. This will depend on your appetite for risk and other factors such as progress of the HYIP, but an indicative figure would be to aim for about 50% return and then release and withdraw your principal. This will see a total return of 150% on your invested bitcoin. Check my monitor and HYIP log below for more information.


TypeDetails (if given)
Date Started12th September 2016
Original Plans1. 4.08% daily up to 1 BTC
2. 4.56% daily for 1 to 5 BTC
3. 5.04% daily above 5 BTC
IP Address186.2.161.112
Hosting LocationRostov, Yaroslavskaya Oblast', Russia
Company Address6 Oban Street, London, E14 0HZ, UK
Contact Phone+44 20 3289 9967
Email[email protected]
Company Number10324889
Registrar DetailsCompanies House, 11th August 2016


The website is a fairly standard piece, professional looking, and has quite a nice feel to it – a lot of thought has gone into it. It is quite simple, and doesn’t pretend to be something it’s not. It does have the usual cloud mining rubbish story – but hey, we’re all used to that. A fair bit of work has been put into the wording and most of it is pretty good, and most of it actually makes sense. Although, we must remember that this is a HYIP and most of it is a lie.

Snapshot of InstaCoins
Snapshot of InstaCoins


The following log displays information about the HYIP as it progresses as well as information about my investments.

12th SeptemberSign up and add initial investment.
Accounts: 430. Deposits: 30 BTC
13th SeptemberPayment received, instant withdrawal. Add second deposit
Accounts: 1,715. Deposits: 66 BTC.
14th SeptemberPayment received, instant withdrawal.
Accounts: 2,297. Deposits: 190 BTC. Alexa rank: 5,609,422
15th SeptemberPayment received, instant withdrawal. Add third deposit
Accounts: 2,831. Deposits: 203 BTC. Alexa rank: 1.936,482
16th SeptemberPayment received, instant withdrawal.
Accounts: 3,170. Deposits: 211 BTC. Alexa rank: 1.522,109
17th SeptemberPayment received, instant withdrawal.
Accounts: 3,381. Deposits: 596 BTC. Alexa rank: 859,078
18th SeptemberPayment received, instant withdrawal.
Accounts: 3,524. Deposits: 596 BTC. Alexa rank: 859,078
19th SeptemberPayment received, instant withdrawal.
Accounts: 3,785. Deposits: 600 BTC. Alexa rank: 711,453
20th SeptemberPayment pending, site and payment problems. Drop in deposits. Set risk to high
Accounts: 3,924. Deposits: 574 BTC. Alexa rank: 629,117
21st SeptemberPayment received, some delays. Reported payment problems.
Set risk to medium. Withdraw one deposit.
Accounts: 4,017. Deposits: 570 BTC. Alexa rank: 381,251
22nd SeptemberPayment received, instant withdrawal. More reported payment problems.
Accounts: 4,106. Deposits: 573 BTC. Alexa rank: 349,603
23rd SeptemberPayment received, instant withdrawal.
Accounts: 4,155. Deposits: 578 BTC. Alexa rank: 331,615
24th SeptemberPayment received, instant withdrawal.
Accounts: 4,202. Deposits: 585 BTC. Alexa rank: 280,126
25th SeptemberPayment received, instant withdrawal.
26th SeptemberPayment received, instant withdrawal.
27th SeptemberPayment received, instant withdrawal.
Accounts: 4,327. Deposits: 585 BTC. Alexa rank: 264,739
28th SeptemberPayment received, instant withdrawal.
29th SeptemberPayment received, instant withdrawal.
30th SeptemberPayment pending again... is anyone surprised?
1st OctoberScam


A HYIP with so much promise but faltered after about 9 days when it disappeared for a while and then reappeared and payments were pending. It came good and paid for another week or so. However, it appears it was only paying selectively. It finally shut-down payments and that is the end of that. Oh well, another poor performing HYIP. Let’s hope that things improve soon.

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