SolidBit is another HYIP offering the 10% daily, principal included, which are becoming very popular. Up to 10 BTC will get you this plan which will see you to 100% ROI in 10 days. There is also a 15% plan for 10 to 30 BTC, and a 18% plan for 30 BTC and above. Let sanity prevail and stick to the first plan.

The HYIP started on the 22nd of August and is bitcoin only to keep it nice and simple. The minimum investment for the 10% plan is 0.001 BTC, and minimum withdrawal is 0.0001 BTC. So, this one is great for you noobs to invest bitcoin and get some experience, but also a good one for you more experienced investors.

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TypeDetails (if given)
Date Started22nd August 2016
Original Plans1. 10% daily up to 10 BTC
2. 15% daily from 10 to 30 BTC
3. 18% daily from 30 BTC
IP Address186.2.161.165
Hosting LocationRostov, Yaroslavskaya Oblast
Company Address50 Westminster Bridge Road, United Kingdom, London,
Contact Phone+442035141651
Email[email protected]
Company Number10324453
Registrar DetailsCompanies House, Cardiff, 11th August 2016


Snapshot of SolidBit
Snapshot of SolidBit


Log shows info about my investments as well as specific information about the HYIP such as, number of accounts, total bitcoin invested, total withdrawn, changing plans, etc. Not all HYIPs provide information.

22nd AugustSign up and add initial Investment
23rd AugustPayment received, instant withdrawal. Total Accounts: 2,257, Deposits: 224.6 BTC, Withdrawals: 16.2 BTC. Alexa rank: 2,670,553.
24th AugustPayment received, instant withdrawal. Total Accounts: 2,864, Deposits: 300.3 BTC, Withdrawals: 35.3 BTC. Alexa rank: 994,893.
25th AugustPayment pending - looks like early scam. Total Accounts: 3,180, Deposits: 330 BTC, Withdrawals: 48 BTC. Alexa rank: 728,485.
26th AugustPayment still pending - calling it a scam. Total Accounts: 3,280, Deposits: 334 BTC, Withdrawals: 48 BTC. Alexa rank: 575,553.


Not much to tell for this one, unfortunately, some HYIP admin will scam early and take the initial investment inflow. In this case, it seems they made around 286 BTC in doing this. Not a bad profit for a few days work, although you need to take out all the setup and hosting costs, risk of being caught for fraud, as well as all the painstaking time it takes to convert Russian to English – hardly seems worth it.

Anyway, personally I got 20% of my investment back which is obviously not great, but this is one of the risks with HYIPs, and it seems the 10% daily HYIPs are getting much more risky with every one that appears. It’s likely that the admin behind GoodlyBit, which ran for about 9 days, was responsible for this HYIP, but I can’t confirm that. So, be cautious of the next 10% daily HYIP hosted out of Rostov, and never invest bitcoin you can’t afford to lose.