The Miners

The Miners, aka Miners Team Limited is a British company founded in 2016 according to the front page, and also in 2013 according to the FAQ page. Not a great start, so let’s look at what they do. The company effectively operates in the cryptocurrency market with an automatic platform suited for investment. OK, I’m not convinced, let’s move on.

Alright, now to the confusing part. This is a British company registered in the Virgin Islands, sure, I can believe that. Am I also to believe that this British company is also registered in Hong Kong using the same company number from Britain. The website then goes on to state that is in fact a modern Chinese company. Now correct me if I’m wrong, but China and Britain are two different countries, right? So, which is it? Well, who cares?

What isn’t confusing is that this is a bitcoin HYIP for you to invest bitcoin, and actual mining, or whatever, is not carried out at all. As such, remember the risks associated with HYIPs and if you are still unsure about The Miners, it’s probably best to read my basics page where you can find more information about bitcoin HYIPs.

0.015%1050%stat-scamInsaneYes, no fee

Investment Plans

The Miners have kept it nice and simple for us with a single investment plan which pays 5% daily. Given the other content issues on the site, I think this was a good decision. The plan is principal release at any time for no fee – as far as I can tell anyway – will update if I find out that there is one.

The site is bitcoin only and the minimum investment is 0.01 BTC. Profits are paid hourly into your account and you can withdraw from your account to your bitcoin address once it has reached the minimum withdrawal amount of 0.0001 BTC.

Investment Strategy

Another classic bitcoin HYIP, but this is a more modern version that pays slightly higher interest of 5%. The higher interest can make them more unstable, and hence this one carries a bit more risk. Also, if you factor in recent performance of HYIPs I would suggest only a moderate investment for medium term (15 to 20 days) or larger investment for short-term (7 to 10 days). I am favoring the short-term investment, and probably will aim for the 7 day mark, or a 35% return and then release. This could change as the HYIP progresses, so be sure to check my monitor and HYIP log below for more up-to-date information.


TypeDetails (if given)
NameThe Miners
Date Started15th September 2016
Original Plans1. 5% daily
IP Address91.220.101.32
Hosting LocationSpijkenisse, South Holland, Netherlands
Company Address6 Oban Street, London, E14 0HZ, UK
Contact Phone+44205649856
Email[email protected]
Company Number10326501
Registrar DetailsVirgin Islands, 16th January 2016


Quite honestly, the website is a bit of a mess, it has all the hallmarks of a rush job, with little effort put into checking content and design. The content contradicts itself on numerous occasions, and even the presentation video has contradictory information in it. However, it doesn’t really try to hard at the typical con-job of false stories and trying to trap the unwary. It’s pretty clear this is a HYIP. A bonus is that it functions as it should, and it would appear that all the information is available. It does stink a bit of BitExCon admin from a month ago which was a reasonable performer, but I can’t confirm that yet.

Snapshot of TheMiners
Snapshot of TheMiners


The following log displays information about The Miners HYIP as it progresses as well as information about my investments.

15th SeptemberSign up and add initial investment.
16th SeptemberPayment received, instant withdrawal. Alexa rank: 1,794,929
Add second deposit
17th SeptemberPayment received, instant withdrawal. Alexa rank: 888,878
18th SeptemberPayment received, instant withdrawal. Alexa rank: 888,878
19th SeptemberPayment received, instant withdrawal. Alexa rank: 577,741
20th SeptemberPayment received, instant withdrawal. Alexa rank: 286,759
21st SeptemberPayment received, instant withdrawal. Alexa rank: 246,147
22nd SeptemberPayment received, instant withdrawal. Alexa rank: 217,831
23rd SeptemberPayment received, instant withdrawal. Alexa rank: 204,106
24th SeptemberPayment received, instant withdrawal. Alexa rank: 192,266
25th SeptemberPayment received, instant withdrawal.
26th SeptemberPayment pending, possible problem.
Change risk to red
27th SeptemberPayment still pending - scam


Another HYIP that scammed early as predicted. It would appear that 10 to 15 days is about all that can be expected at this stage from HYIPs. My prediction of 7 to 10 days turned out to be reasonably accurate. Personally, I held my investment and was unable to withdraw any principal, so a 50% loss in this case.

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