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HYIP Report – August 2016

The month of August got off to a shocking start in the HYIP world with 7 HYIPs I was monitoring scamming in just 4 days – ouch! In addition, the bitcoin price got hammered following the hacking of the Bitfinex exchange. On the positive side, the price has since recovered to hover around US$580, and some good quality HYIPs have appeared.

Although it sounds bad, 2 of those HYIPs that scammed were TinderBTC and BitcoDaily which returned 225% and 210% respectively. A fine effort and well worth the high risk associated with HYIP investing. The other HYIPs that failed were a combination of poor choices by me, Coince, Bit Solar, and HCR-Crypto, and seemingly admin related issues, Insta-Hash and BTC-Union.

I feel August is also the end of the 10% daily HYIP as the returns had been getting progressively lower. Cryptonium and Nano-Bit both returned 120%, while BitStorm came and went and only managed 150%. This trend was topped off in late August by the scamming of SolidBit on the third day. We may see more 10% HYIPs, but I think their popularity with both investors and investors is waning. As such, the only ones we will see will be early scammers as the first round of investment comes in. You have been warned! For more info check out the article I wrote about this.

Some quality HYIPs worth mentioning are BitDeposit, GrandBit, and BitExCon. All three HYIPs came out of July and survived the bitcoin price plunge. It just shows you what an experienced admin brings to the table. BitDeposit managed to make it to the 25th of August, but had payment problems for a few days. BitExCon ended in much the same way. Grandbit on the other hand, ended in somewhat different fashion – it simply disappeared one day which is very unusual for a HYIP.

The good news of the month is that AimBTC continues to exist and pay. It copped some negative attention, but managed to shake this off as some nervous investors headed for the exits. It seems back on track now and hopefully will make it through September as well. Other promising HYIPs for the month ahead are BitFin which appears to be the old BitMinister admin, and Hashwave which, by all accounts, is the old GrandBit admin. Both outstanding performers.

So, thank you to all my regular readers for your continued support, and a big hello to all you new readers and I hope you find my site useful. Lastly, as always, never invest bitcoin if you can’t afford to lose it, and STAY AWAY from 1HourlyCoin – it’s about to scam!

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