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HYIP Report – December 2016

December is traditionally a bad month for HYIP investing and as usual, there were a lot of programs launched during the month. However, I kept a fairly low profile during the month and only invested in programs I felt were relatively safe. I ended up with some good and bad investments, but overall it was a much better result for December than usual.

First the good news: RightRise continued on throughout December reaching the 100% ROI point a few days ago. This program is high-quality as it is run by a very experienced admin and it should make it through to March or April – possibly longer. Time will tell. BitSea was also a strong performer during the month and will hopefully continue to pay for some weeks to come. All signs are good at this point.

TrezorBitX scammed a little bit earlier than expected during December just shortly before reaching the 100% ROI point for my investors. Unfortunately, I picked up the program a little late, but fortunately the Stacks Insurance payout more than covered all investors and everyone actually finished with no loss of bitcoin. Stay tuned for a new program from this admin soon, and many more programs with insurance this year.

Now the bad news: Even careful investing can come undone and unfortunately I picked a couple of bad HYIPs during the month. Pollux Inc. was a bit of a shocker and only ran for 4 days – but, it was an opportunity for me to make up for it by offering 300% RCB instead of the normal 100%. This meant my investors still lost bitcoin, but were compensated more than usual. Cube Assets and Money Grows were also good potential programs, but failed to deliver and are probably best left in the past.

As far as other HYIPs go – there are quite a few programs on my monitor that are still paying, but make sure you check their status and risk before investing. It is definitely too late for new investment in BPetroleum and World Miners, but there are others that may be suitable depending on your appetite for risk. Also, keep in mind that it may be a few weeks before we start seeing some good quality programs – just be patient and you will be rewarded.

So, a new year has arrived and I for one am looking forward to continuing my investing journey. I hope you can join me and together we can navigate our way through the sea of HYIPs that are out there and hopefully find some hidden treasures.

Happy Days, and Happy HYIPing to all.

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