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HYIP Report – July 2016

Another exciting month of HYIP activity during July. The price of bitcoin was much more subdued and held around the US$650 mark for most of it – although it is taking a bit of a nose dive as I write. It’s also worth noting that fluctuations in the bitcoin price can make the HYIPs unstable, so keep that in mind. During July I assessed 127 HYIPs in total, added 12 new investments, while 10 turned into scams.

The month started badly which had carried over from the end of June – it was a pretty bad time and you would have been incredibly lucky to have escaped without losing. Personally, I lost about 40% of the bitcoin I allocate to HYIP investing. Sounds bad, and yes it was, but it really is part of the game and you need to accept the risk of losing all your bitcoin when you invest in HYIPs.

Early in July saw the closing of BitGrab which was a great performer and if you had invested with me you would have made 172% return. There were also a number of rubbish HYIPs that shut-down around then which are not worth mentioning. Altria Coin shut-down on the 8th of July after only 13 days which was a bit disappointing. It played a few of the usual tricks of pending and releasing some payments to try and keep the HYIP monitors from calling it a scam.

As a result of many scams, I pulled out of BitStrategy after successfully completing 2 rounds and walking away with 200%. I am regretting this somewhat as it appears it is still online and paying – oh well – sometimes you just have to move on as there are many more HYIPs, and if you sit out too long you’ll miss the wave of good new HYIPs.

To demonstrate the point, some new HYIPs appeared during scam season such as BitMoney, GrandBit, and BitcoDaily which were all strong performers. GrandBIt is still paying, but BitMoney has now scammed, and BitcoDaily is almost done.

Around the middle of July I picked up BitExCon, CryptoTrade, and BTC Union. All are still paying although I fell they are probably high risk at this point. Crypto Trade has returned around 140% and is probably the highest risk. Bitminister also ran into payment problems and I finally called it a scam on the 22nd July after a solid 46 day run. The site is still online and has some very special plans, but please, DO NOT INVEST!

Towards the end of July the HYIPs were definitely showing signs of improving which demonstrates how quickly it can turn. Since then I have added Nano-Bit, BitDeposit, Cryptonium, and InstaHash. All are performing well, although Nano-Bit has gone pending today – hopefully it is only temporary.

There was also a lot of attacks on HYIPs towards the end of July which made many HYIPs hard to access and gave the appearance of scamming. These attacks were quite severe and many HYIPs even relocated to new servers to avoid being attacked. It seems to have died down now, but it is worth remembering that a HYIP will take payments pending or disappear (briefly) for more than one reason.

So, overall another great month in HYIP investing and thanks again to my many followers for your valued support and helping me keep this site alive and the HYIPs honest. Finally, it looks like TinderBTC which started in May, is about to shut-down after running without fault for 94 days (225.6%) – bummer!

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