HYIP Report

HYIP Report – June 2016

Lots of HYIP activity during June, and certainly some crazy movements in the bitcoin price ranging from around $520 at the start of the month, to almost breaking the $800 mark, before finally retreating a little to around $650 following the Brexit craziness. During June I assessed 145 HYIPs in total, added 10 new investments, while 13 turned into scams. Sounds bad, but actually a good month with stellar performances from 15Bit and 20DailyCoin.

The month started badly with BTCAdv unplugging on the 2nd after only 4 days of running. Notably, this one actually sent fake emails saying that payments were being sent but they weren’t – which demonstrates why you need to check your payments. This was the same day that iCoin started which was a pile of crap that ran for 5 days – my bad.

BitMinister started on the 6th June (D-Day) and is still running and paying well. Let’s hope it can continue. The following day, Bit-Hash unplugged after only 38 days. This one seemed to have the goods for long running, but sadly went kaput, but I guess you get that sometimes… or quite a bit in this game! The rubbish BitBits appeared shortly after and then disappeared which was a shame, but no real surprise.

The following day, BitGrab appeared and is still running; however, payments are not reliable so it must be almost done. Shortly after, CoinsAge unplugged unexpectedly after just finishing the 3rd round. This was probably due to skyrocketing bitcoin price or some idiot investing insane amounts. Who knows… CryptoStability also shut down on the 16th June after running for only 29 days.

Then aHash just disappeared on the 22nd June after paying for 42 days. This seemed to trigger the great “June collapse” as many HYIPs shut-down between the 26th and 28th of June including the legendary 15Bit, 20DailyCoin, TopMine, Coins Crypt, Finch Coin and GoodlyBit. This certainly was unexpected, and a little bit shocking after running the portfolio calculations – but it’s all part of the game.

The run up to the end of the month saw the addition of Cryptoeice, AltriaCoin, and Coinz which are all still paying and building up their reputation. On the last day of June, I added HonorBTC which is only a moderate paying HYIP, but can hopefully go the distance.

So, overall another great month in HYIP investing and thanks again to my many followers for your valued support and helping me keep this site alive and the HYIPs honest. Finally, special mention goes to TinderBTC which ran all the way through June, and is now up to 64 days – legendary stuff!