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HYIP Report – November 2016

November was a much better month for HYIP investing even though we saw the scamming of AimBTC. A sad day, but bold investors were rewarded with gains of over 400%. There were also a number of other HYIPs that exceeded 100% ROI during the month. But, best of all is that there are some strong performing HYIPs that are still running as we move into December. Normally a bad month, but some of these even have 100% insurance coverage. It’s a good time to be investing!

Most notably is TrezorBitX which has insurance coverage right up until the 23rd of December. This particular HYIP is a slightly different HYIP than most are used to, so take a look at my post if you are interested. If it’s not obvious, the insurance will cover your investment up to the 85% ROI (23 days x 3.5% per day) point if you invest today. The actual insurance coverage is currently 100% of all funds invested, so it seems like a no-brainer; but, always remember the risks of HYIP investing.

In terms of other insurance, RightRise is performing strongly and still paying. Although the time to qualify for insurance expired a while ago, early investors are well covered given that the HYIP is now over 50% ROI. The insurance for BitAssetsLimited is still active, but tomorrow is the last day for the ‘early scam’ period. If it scams after tomorrow then there will be no payout. As the HYIP is a principal release, you may want to think about releasing your principal and moving on with the gains you already have.

Unfortunately during November, BTCSolar came and went which was a bit of a shame as it seemed to be building it’s reputation up and had at least 35 BTC on the day it scammed. It was the first payout of my new Stacks Insurance, and the total payout came in at approximately 27.5% of invested. This payout was a bit low and meant that some investors still lost overall. However, it was significantly better than a standard RCB which would have been only 5% of the invested amount – about 5 and a half times better in fact.

As mentioned, November also the saw the end of AimBTC. A sad day, but after 124 days online it’s time was certainly up. Since it began in July, early investors reached over 400% which is a fantastic effort given the performance of other HYIPs lately. Definitely looking forward to the next one from this admin. Stay tuned for more information when it appears.

Other strong performers for the month were CryptoShare, TopBitHourly, and ZenDoubler – all reaching over 100% ROI. CryptoShare has now scammed, but the other two are still paying but are not recommended for new investment.

Also, during November I started to list bitcoin doublers separate to my HYIP monitor. Many of you are familiar with doublers and know how risky they can be, but they are also fun and can be very rewarding if you get a good quality one early enough. I have been investing in doublers for a while, but I am only introducing them now as I have developed a much more reliable system to find and assess them early.

So, another great month for HYIPs as well as stacksofcoin. Traffic is growing and many more investors are passing through to get good quality and honest information. My RCB and Insurance is starting to gain popularity and I hope to improve these services in coming months to give you, the investors, much more. So, thank you for your support and do pop in for a chat some time. Cheers.

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  1. Thank you for all your hard work! Your analysis really helps newbie investors like myself not to lose our very first satoshi 🙂 I hope for more projects in the future with your insurance.

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