HYIP Report

HYIP Report – October 2016

October was a bit of a ‘nothing’ month for HYIP investing – no big losses and no big wins. I reviewed lots of HYIPs, some good ones came and failed to deliver, some promising new ones appeared, while good old AimBTC continued to pay for the entire month, and even broke through the 300% ROI point for early investors. But, I guess the real question is, how much longer can it run?

Guessing how long a HYIP will run is a bit of a dark art at best  – it is basically a mix of experience, assumption, and fortune telling. In the case of AimBTC, the fact that it has been running so long indicates that it has a solid reputation, and it is not hard to believe that with the current load of rubbish HYIPs that many are still investing. This type of HYIP simply can’t run forever, but I’m not about to withdraw my remaining deposit.

As for other HYIPs during the month, TopBTC was one to forget. It was a copy-cat of AimBTC and only paid the first day. It even scammed some of the big HYIP monitors which gives you an idea of the quality of admin.

Media-Coin was a bit of a disappointment. It was a well constructed design with a good admin, but it struggled to get much investment. This is probably more of a reflection of the current HYIP climate rather than the program itself. This is a bit of a shame as it barely made 20 days. Anyway, again it demonstrates that even the good admin are still scammers only looking out for themselves.

PayerCoin appeared in early October and is still paying. This type of HYIP looks very risky, and many of you have voiced concern about it how long it will last. Obviously they can’t run for long, but they will almost always run past the 100% ROI point for early investors. In fact, I actually class this type ‘low risk’. Each time they appear, I deposit up to 0.5 BTC and sit back and earn up to 150% in a month – too easy. But, don’t invest now, simply stay tuned for the next one.

Aside from HYIPs, there have been a couple of big changes around here that some may have noticed. Firstly, I introduced an RCB and HYIP Insurance program, and secondly I changed all the advertising to feature only programs approved by me.

The RCB (Referral Commission Back) and Insurance is to help you guys reduce your losses when HYIP investing. Many other monitors offer it, but the difference is that other monitors are paid by the HYIP to do it so the quality of HYIP suffers – I am not paid by any HYIP so I have to be more careful when selecting HYIPs. The Insurance is a little different, and it is basically an RCB system plus whatever other funds I can get together from investing and placing my links elsewhere. It is a little experimental and will vary for each HYIP.

In terms of site advertising, now every single ad spot on my site you see is either my referral link, or a program I personally approve. This gives me more flexibility with advertising, and even allows me to open up some spots to my readers for posting of referral links. If you are interested in getting one published, don’t spam the chat, simply submit some information to me via the contact page and be patient. The better the info is, the more chance you have of getting it published and having me sell it.

Ultimately, I can’t compete with the paid HYIP monitors, but I do hope you support me as I grow this site and make it one of the only true ‘Investor-Oriented’ HYIP sites. My aim is to reward you regular readers and investors by giving back as much as I can. I can’t force you to use my links, but I can guarantee your support will not be forgotten. I won’t always get it right, but at least I will be honest with each and every one of you.

Happy HYIPing, and I’ll see you in the chat.