HYIP Report

HYIP Report – September 2016

September was not a great month for HYIP investing. There is just no way to pretty it up as many HYIPs early scammed, others had major hiccups, and some just simply didn’t live up to expectations. I honestly can’t remember a time as bad as this, so if you are still new to HYIP investing, don’t be too disheartened – it will get better…

The month got off to a shocking start with the early scamming of mBitco which was shortly followed by Bitcoin Financial. Both these HYIPs had experienced admin, but this was a clear demonstration of why you should never trust them, and treat all HYIPs the same.

A small victory was had with 1HourlyCoin which ran for 29 days and returned around 150% to the early investors. This HYIP was a good one to follow, and if you did, you would have learned a bit about how admin change the plans and also how to estimate the running period from this. For more information, take a look at the page and the log for it.

CoinMat was an interesting HYIP which seemed as though it could go the distance given the amount of money it spent on monitors, but sadly it only ran for 6 days. My guess is that it over-spent on monitors and couldn’t get the investment inflow it was hoping for.

Hashwave, BitFinest, and InstaCoins were reasonable performing HYIPs each returning about 60%. If you followed my advice and aimed for lower returns before withdrawing your principal, then you would have done OK. However, this really is a plan B, and this type of HYIP should run for 30 days minimum. A clear sign of the times.

Then came Hashier and TooBit. There isn’t much to say about these two – they appeared and then stopped paying. Hashier actually stayed online for a while and collected approximately 300 more BTC which is just astonishing and clearly demonstrates why you need to use a monitor that doesn’t lie. ToolBit was just a disaster.

The only shining light was good-old AimBTC which has been running since July and paid all the way through September, and is still paying as I write. In other good news, it would appear that the new Genesis Gate is from the same admin, but I still don’t have enough evidence to confirm this – HYIP admin are tricky to follow.

So, always remember the risks when HYIP investing, and if you do manage to make it through this rather crap period, then you will become a much tougher HYIP investor, and eventually start to make some serious profit.