For each HYIP that I invest in and monitor, I assign a risk rating to it. The “Risk” meter which appears in the table for each HYIP on the monitor page is a simple indicator and will be either green, yellow, or red. It basically indicates how likely I think you are to lose your bitcoin if you invest on the day you see it.

Always remember that HYIPs are very risky at all times regardless of what my risk indicator says – and also remember that these ratings are based purely on my assessment of each HYIP and may not accurately reflect the risk. Also, there is always a very real risk that you will lose your bitcoin the second you give it to a HYIP, so please keep this in mind and never risk bitcoin (or any money) that you can’t afford to lose.

Please read my HYIP basics page, or contact me if you require further information.



Green indicates that an investment should get to 100% ROI or run for at least one cycle. This varies for each HYIP, but it basically means I think the HYIP is OK for investment. For principal release HYIPs, they will remain green longer due to the fact that you can release your principal.



Yellow indicates that there is high chance you will lose some bitcoin. A HYIP can get a yellow flag if I feel it is nearing it’s end of life, or on a downward spiral. This could be for a number of factors, but is generally based on a time period, amount invested, as well as HYIP growth and reputation. These are all factors assessed by me and may or may not accurately reflect the true risk.



Red indicates that there is a very high chance you will lose most of your bitcoin. HYIPs will usually get this rating if payments go pending in an unusual manner (hard to explain, but there are many reasons why a HYIP will shut-off payments) or I feel the HYIP is about to unplug for a number of different reasons ranging from bitcoin price movements, investment level, feeling in HYIP community, etc.

Again, this is my assessment and may or may not reflect the actual risk. If you are thinking of investing in a red-flag HYIP, you would actually be far better off keeping your bitcoin, donating it to charity, or giving it to me to help me keep this site alive. It’s your choice!


All information on this site is presented as is, and nothing should be construed as warranty of a result, or as a recommendation of any of the products or services appearing here in any way. Nothing on this site constitutes financial advice, and independent advice from a verified professional should be sought before engaging in any transactions. By using this site you agree to accept all risk when visiting or engaging with HYIPs. I have no affiliation (and never will) with any HYIP, ponzi, or scam operator.