13th August: SCAM – Not Paying
August is not going so well. HCR-Crypto was a little bit on the junk side but seemed to have the goods. Unfortunately it unplugged unexpectedly sprouting some garbage about blockchain problems.


4th August: SCAM – Not Paying


4th August: SCAM – Not Paying
see above

BTC Union

3rd August: SCAM – Not Paying
A piece of junk which was apparently run by TinderBTC admin, but I could not confirm it and I seriously doubt it after this rubbish performance.

Crypto Trade

3rd August: SCAM – Not Paying
Another greedy Russian HYIP gets unplugged early. Certainly a trend at the moment.

Nano Bit

2nd August: SCAM – Not Paying
Just goes to show the difference in admin from BitcoDaily. These guys pulled the plug only 12 days in and almost 700 BTC in front (US$420,000). Greedy buggers probably would have gotten more if they ran it for another week.

Bitco Daily

2nd August: SCAM – Not Paying
Only 21 days returning 210%, tisk, tisk, I expected more. The site is still online and accepting investments so please: DO NOT INVEST! Simply wait for the next one.


2nd August: SCAM – Not Paying
A sterling performer running for 94 days – just goes to show what a professional and well-disciplined admin can do when they set their minds to it. Another 94 days would have been nice!