Coins Crypt

28th June: SCAM – Not Paying
Another HYIP unplugged – most likely due to Brexit – who knows! Seems to be an emerging pattern for this style of HYIP. Me thinks a new strategy is needed. Stick with me on the next one and find out what it is…

Min. % daily Days % Paying? Risk Release
0.01 2.8% 25 70% NO Insane Yes, Anytime


Top Mine

28th June: Site dead
Now you see it… now you don’t – paying like a boss for almost 100 days and then just disappeared. Probably a bit short for this style of HYIP, especially compared to others like hash-ocean.

Min. % daily Days % Paying? Risk Release
0.0001 1.33% 99 131.67% NO Insane No, Included


Goodly Bit

27th June: SCAM – Not Paying
Not such a goodly effort from this one. Just shut-down payments with no response. I will not be too quick to recommend these idiots again.

Min. % daily Days % Paying? Risk Release
0.001 10% 9 90% NO Insane No, Included



27th June: SCAM – Not Paying
Another champion effort from these boys – although I did expect a few more days. Looking forward to the next one!

Min. % daily Days % Paying? Risk Release
0.01 10% 24 240% NO Insane No, Included



26th June: SCAM – Not Paying
A sterling performer which is still online but no longer paying, and is now accepting payments for crazy 29000% in one day plans. This is the easiest way to pick a scam – DO NOT INVEST people!

Min. % daily Day % Paying? Risk Release
0.001 5% 32 160% NO Insane No, Included


Finch Coin

26th June: SCAM – Not Paying
Another early scammer – they are increasing at the moment so be aware.

Min. % daily Days % Paying? Risk Release
0.02 2% 7 14% NO Insane Yes, After

22nd June: SCAM – Site Dead
Paying like a boss and then just disappeared one day. Had problems with payments early on but recovered and kept going. The banners are still displaying but can’t access the main site.

Min. % daily Days % Paying? Risk Release
0.001 3.6% 42 151.2% NO Insane Yes, 5% fee



16th June: SCAM – Not Paying
Another one which scammed most likely due to bitcoin price skyrocketing. It’s reputation was building strongly and had signs of going all the way.

Min. % daily Days % Paying? Risk Release
$10 3% 29 87% NO Insane No, Included



16th June: SCAM – Not Paying
A strong performer that probably took a lot by surprise when it shut off payments. Most likely due to bitcoin price skyrocketing.

Min. % daily Days % Paying? Risk Release
$10 2% 7 (round 3) 142% (total) NO Insane No, Returned after


Bit Bits

16th June: SCAM – Not Paying
A crap HYIP that was risky to start with, and then just disappeared.

Min. % daily Days % Paying? Risk Release
0.01 4% 6 24% NO Insane No, Included



10th June: SCAM – Not Paying
A rubbish performer that scammed in the first week. Scams seem to be increasing lately, so be careful!

Min. % daily Days % Paying? Risk Release
0.001 4% 5 20% NO Insane No, Included



7th June: SCAM – Not Paying
A reasonable performer, but payments stopped just before 100% ROI for early investors… scum bags! But, you get that sometimes.

Min. % daily Days % Paying? Risk Release
0.001 2.4% 38 91.2% NO Insane Yes, up to 30% fee



3rd June: Finished. NOT Monitored

Min. % daily Days Running % Paying? Release
0.001 2.6% 45 117% UNKNOWN No, Included



2nd June: SCAM – Not Paying
Started strongly then just stopped paying. Site is still alive and some monitors have it as paying so beware. It even says withdraws processed but still not received!

Min. %daily Days % Paying? Release
$3 (0.007) 5% 4 20% NO No, Included