28th May: SCAM – Not Paying
10Bit scammed after paying for 28 days. A few days prior to this the plans were automatically changed by the admin and payouts were reduced to 50% with no reason given.

Min. % daily Days % Paying? Release
0.001 10%  28 280% NO No, included



23rd May: SCAM – Not Paying
BTCHourly ran solidly for 37 days before cutting off payments and becoming a scam. It remained online for a few days before finally disappearing into oblivion.

Min. % daily Days % Paying? Release
0.001 4.8% 37 177.6% NO No, Included


Hot Coin

22nd May: Site DEAD
HotCoin just disappeared one day – it was paying brilliantly and then couldn’t access the site. It may have been attacked or hacked – who knows?

Min. % daily Days % Paying? Release
0.0005 1.67% 30 50.1% Dead No, Included



17th May: SCAM – Not Paying
CryptoInfinity was a bit of a shock when it shut off payments. It was showing signs of running for the long haul but copped some large investments, so it shut down. Oh well, that’s all part of the game.

Min. % daily Days % Paying? Release
0.001 4% 20 80% NO Yes, no fee



15th May: SCAM – Not Paying
RomBall was an outstanding performer and ran for about 65 days which was a bit longer then I had envisaged. Can’t be right all the time I guess.

Min. % daily Days % Paying? Release
0.0025 1.2%  15 (Round 3) 154% (total) NO No, Returned after


Modern Bitcy

13th May: SCAM – Not Paying
ModernBitcy had all the hallmarks of a performer but disappeared a bit too quickly. I guess you get that in the big city.

Min. % daily Days % Paying? Release
$10 (0.022) 6.6% 14 92.4% NO No, Included



10th May: SCAM – Not Paying
BitCoMine was a scam from day one – never trust any HYIP hosted out of Canada! Hahaha, my bad, I didn’t pick this one until it was too late.

Min. % daily Days % Paying? Release
$10 (0.022) 38.4% 3 115.2% NO No, Included


More BTC

8th May: Scam – Not Paying
MoreBTC was a strange one, firstly it had a .org domain, and secondly I invested in a HYIP paying 1.2% daily interest. Another one chalked up to experience!

Min. % daily Days % Paying? Release
0.001 1.2% 22 26.4% NO Yes, 10% fee