Nova Trader

30th April: Site HACKED
Now you see it, now you don’t. Some ‘nice person’ named “rafik safinx” took this one down. I hope admin learned their lesson not to use “123456” as their password.

Min. % daily Days % Paying? Release
0.01 3.96% 2 7.92% NO Yes, 10% fee



28th April: SCAM – Not Paying
BTC-traders was an average performer, but if you invested with me then you did OK.

Min. % daily Days % Paying? Release
0.001 3% 10 (Round 2) 160% (total) NO No, Returned after



27th April: SCAM – Not Paying
Crypto-trust was another experiment for me which I lost on. NEVER invest in the dodgy high-profit ones – it really is that simple.

Min. % daily Days % Paying? Release
$1 (0.00227) 80.7% 3 242% NO No, Included