HYIP season is upon us

Yes, that’s right, the bitcoin HYIPs are coming thick and fast at the moment with a large variety of programs to choose from. The HYIP industry is cyclical and we are currently in an uptrend. I have added 4 new HYIPs to my portfolio in the last 2 days, so over the next few days I will blog and review my most recent investments.

For now, just check my bitcoin HYIP monitor if you are keen to get investing. It’s updated every day and all information is real as it relates to my actual investment. Remember, if you lose on a HYIP that’s listed on my monitor – I lose too.

A quick word about risk – remember that all HYIPs are very risky and you will lose money at some point. However, if you have a clear head and keep investments modest and well diversified, and get in and out at the right time, you will eventually come out on top. If you stick with it and have realistic goals, then HYIPs are very rewarding and a fun little investment.

Some of you regular readers would probably have noticed that I am focusing more on HYIPs lately. So, over the next few weeks I will be writing on a range of HYIP related topics such as how I choose a HYIP, when to get in and out, and how to manage a portfolio of HYIPs.

Stay tuned.