HYIP Update

Hey everyone, just a quick few words. There are lots of bitcoin HYIPs around at the moment, and many more popping up each day. If you check my HYIP monitor you will see that I am invested in quite a few, but haven’t added many in the last week or so. This is mainly because many of the new ones are not right for investment.

For those that have noticed – no, I don’t invest in any bitcoin doublers, or any HYIPs paying 1000% percent per day – they are just too risky, and although you may get lucky a few times, ultimately you will lose. The low-paying HYIPs are far more profitable in the long run if you manage a number of them and be patient.

As for the current situation, the bitcoin HYIPs have been great lately and many are still paying, but we must remained focused and not assume that all are worthy of our bitcoin. As such, only invest in the bitcoin HYIPs that I have marked as “green”, and DO NOT invest in the others just because they are still paying. Unless, of course, you are insane or have more information than me. (If so – do share it!)

So, I guess the most important thing is to not invest bitcoin that you can’t afford to lose, and always keep a clear head when investing. And remember, if you have missed a top performing HYIP, don’t stress – there will be another one coming along real soon, so be patient.