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InstaHash – safe bitcoin investments

To define a HYIP as a safe investment you would need to have rocks in your head. However, it would appear that InstaHash has gone above and beyond to create the magical look and feel of a real investment site. This HYIP is as pretty as it is deceptive, but should you invest bitcoin?

I have to admit that the extra effort by the admin certainly goes a long way in my decision factor, as it gives a clear indication that they are somewhat more committed and will generally run longer than a poorly prepared site. But, ultimately it is a combination of site quality, site protection, type of plans available, and general feeling in the HYIP industry that gets my bitcoin.

All of this is great, but it’s not really why we are here is it? No, of course not, lets take a look at what we get when we accept the risk of HYIPs and get investing.

Investment Plans

There are lots of plans which makes the site a little confusing, but basically the plans are selected depending on how much you invest, and hourly profit ranges from 0.15% to 0.2% hourly. By the hour is hard to work out, so check out the following table where I have converted to daily rates and number of days to 100% ROI:

Deposit BTC Daily Rate % Days 100% ROI
0.001 – 0.25 3.6 28
0.25 – 0.5 3.84 26
0.5 – 1.0 4.08 25
1.0 – 2.5 4.32 23
2.5 – 5.0 4.56 22
5.0 and above 4.8 21

So, as you can see the time to 100% ROI decreases as you increase your deposit size. But, you will need to work out how much risk you can stomach when working out deposit size. For all plans, you can release your principal at anytime for a 5% fee with no other hidden fees. The minimum withdrawal is 0.0001 BTC and payments are instant at the time of writing.


I rate InstaHash as excellent, but some of my regular readers have probably worked out that I only invest in, and blog about HYIPs that I rate good and above. The rating is due to the type of HYIP and past performance of related HYIPs. NOTE: there are many HYIPs by this admin (or groups of admin) and they tend to be a bit of a mixed bag. Overall, I find them investment worthy, but I tend to have lower deposits due to higher scamming rate.

As such, I feel the risk is moderate to high and am personally aiming for a lower target ROI than usual, at which time I will be reducing the size of my deposit, but remaining invested for monitoring purposes. The reputation of InstaHash is growing steadily, and investment levels seem to be sustainable at time of writing. The level of advertising across bitcoin sites is low which is a little concerning, but these HYIPs tend to grow fairly organically anyway.

Overall: 4

Risk: 3

As always, you can track the progress of this and all my investments on my bitcoin HYIP monitor and never invest bitcoin you can’t afford to lose.

6 thoughts on “InstaHash – safe bitcoin investments”

  1. I relesed my deposit and got pending also..
    Talked with live support and they say
    “All withdrawals are processed instantly, however sometimes it can take up to 24 hours because of security reasons, or while we are performing server or system upgrades. You do not have to contact support regarding your withdrawal request; it will be processed in case it was not processed instantly, within 24 business hours.
    short standing company,and bitcoin is losing price fast

    1. Yeah, very disappointing effort from these jokers. I hope they converted their dirty bitcoin when is dropped to $480 yesterday!

    1. It was pending for a while, then it disappeared with no trace on blockchain, then it appeared. Maybe they are magicians!

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