Keep cool and claim from Ice Bitcoin

Ice Bitcoin is another modern looking faucet similar to Get Your Bitcoin which I blogged about the other day. Ice Bitcoin pays nicely and has been reliable so far. It is still fairly new but is slowly starting to gain a reputation. Let’s hope it becomes a reliable way to earn bitcoin.


The look and feel of Ice Bitcoin is very slick and it even uses an alternative captcha to the standard Google reCaptcha which we all know and love… well, maybe not love! It has the usual amount of advertising and you simply log in with your wallet address and start claiming.

The claim payout can range from 200 to 10,000 satsohi, but seems to average around the 300 to 400 satoshi. You can claim every 30 minutes and all claims are held on site. You can cash out at any time via Faucet Box with no limits or fees, or you can get a payout direct to your address but you need a balance of at least 20,000 satoshi.

As per usual, you can use Friendly Faucets to track when you claim from this faucet, as well as all the other faucets on the list.

So, not much else to say other than head on over to Ice Bitcoin and earn bitcoin.