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LensenGroup – profitable IT investment

Let’s face it – Information Technology investment is massive – and if you don’t believe me, do some research on how much many of the big names spend each year in either buying companies or starting ventures. So, if you could invest in a promising new IT investment company like Lensen Group, would you?

Lensen Group LTD


You would have to be stuck in a cave for a long time to not have heard of the IT bubble back in the late nineties. You know – companies like ‘Ask Geeves’ that did absolutely nothing and had no real product, yet got valued at millions of dollars. Yeah, you probably also remember when the bubble burst and those worthless companies became… well, worthless. However, companies like Google, Yahoo, Amazon, and many many others managed to make it out alive, and are still thriving today. Also, spare a thought for companies like Apple and Microsoft who simply kept on going through the craziness. So, what do all these successful companies have in common?

Easy – they have experience, and products that people want – it’s that simple.

So, if you made it this far you may wonder what all this rambling is about. Well, it’s not actually about IT investment, because LensenGroup doesn’t do that – it’s actually about how experience and knowledge of an industry is used to grow and out-perform others – or to put it another way – to be the best. And, the admin of Lensen Group is aiming to do just that!

Experience Counts

OK, now you experienced HYIP investors, think of the programs that you have lost money on, and then think of ones that you have made money on. Your experience and lessons learned played a big part in this, but also the experience and lessons learned by the people who run these programs (aka HYIP admin) was also a major contributing factor. Never forget that HYIPS are not simple to run, it takes years of experience to get it right, and it normally involves many failures.

This is something the admin of Lensen Group knows all about. With over 7 seven years in the industry and many successful programs (sorry, can’t divulge details), they are not just here for a quick cash-grab. This program is well set-up and designed for the long term. Take a look at the site and then think about the plans that are available.

Investment Plans

There are three investment plans to choose from – the first is a short plan that pays 105% after 10 days with a minimum invest of $10 or the equivalent in bitcoin. This works out to 0.5% daily for the length of the plan so not a great return, but the plan is short and fairly safe. The second plan is 4.5% daily for 30 business days. This will give you a total return of 135% which is much better. The third plan is 25% weekly for 6 weeks giving a total return of 150%. The third plan is obviously the highest return, but keep in mind that you are only paid on a weekly basis.

Investment Strategy

For large investments, the first plan is the safest, but also the lowest return. The other two plans are recommended if you are looking for more return, and are happy to accept a little bit more risk. You can increase your gains by employing continual re-investment over the short to medium term, but obviously this will increase your risk as well.

Although the Lensen Group program is about 3 months old, it is still classed as low-risk due to the types of investment plans and experienced admin as previously discussed. However, remember that this is a HYIP, and that they all stop paying at some point. So do not invest more than you can afford to lose, and you can check my basics page if you want more information about this type of investing.

Similar Programs

The closet comparison to this program that is running at the moment is X-Binary. It too has time-limited plans which can see a successful program run many cycles. This is really the key to the longevity of these programs. Many HYIPs pay on a lifetime basis, so the early investors just keep getting paid and eventually the program collapses; however, time-limited plans mean that the payout is limited and a lower level of ongoing investment is needed to maintain program stability.

RCB Offer

For Lensen Group I am offering 100% RCB if you use my referral link and invest bitcoin only. To claim your RCB, simply use the contact form or email after you have invested and send the following details:

  • Lensen Group email address and username
  • How much you invested and when (include blockchain txid please)
  • A screenshot of your Lensen Group dashboard
  • A bitcoin wallet address

NOTE: RCBs will be paid periodically, as well as when the program stops paying. Your claim must have all of the above items and the text “Lensen Group RCB” in the subject line or top of message, and it must not be accompanied with any other claim or correspondence. No exceptions.

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