Mellow Ads Faucet

If you have visited any bitcoin faucet in the last six months or so, then you are probably familiar with Mellow Ads. You know, the bitcoin ad company that runs the ads with the little tree in the top right corner. But did you know that they also run a faucet you can collect bitcoin from?


However, there is one little catch. The bitcoin you collect from the faucet can only be used to create network advertising campaigns. This is where your ad goes into a pool with all the other advertisers and the amount you contribute determines how often your ad is displayed. Boo, I hear you say, but before you click away, stay with me for a second and think about this…

OK, you don’t have a website and you aren’t the slightest bit interested in advertising anything, then I agree, why should you care about the Mellow Ads faucet?

Well, you may be familiar with bitcoin faucet referral links. This is where you visit a faucet and get a special link that you can share with people and when they claim from the faucet, you get a percentage share. Pretty simple, and when done correctly it is a great way to make some extra bitcoin.

So, if you get your faucet referral link you can create an advertising campaign on Mellow Ads with it and viola – your referral link appears anywhere and everywhere the advertising campaign puts it.

With a little imagination you can create effective advertising to generate loads of traffic which is basically what powers the Internet. And remember, it’s not just bitcoin faucet referral links you can advertise. You can also create campaigns for any other affiliate links, your own site, my site, YouTube videos, or even short-link advertising.

Remember that Mellow Ads is bitcoin-oriented, so make sure you do your research and create unique campaigns that will be beneficial to yourself and the bitcoin community. There is a whole science to advertising, and the topic is far to great to go into much detail here; but, when you are visiting faucets and websites in general, take a look at the advertising and see if you can get an idea of what works and what doesn’t. Start by working out what you do and don’t like and go from there.

Oh, yeah, it turns out the tree is actually a hand with some green paint splattered about. Who knew?

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