Modern Bitcy – Unique Investment Opportunity

13th May: Not Paying – DO NOT INVEST

Modern Bitcy is apparently a company which offers a unique opportunity to invest bitcoin so everyone can earn extra profit for doing nothing. Sounds too good to be true, so it probably is. However, it does have a flashy looking site and it offers a solid 6.6% daily for 30 days.

It also has lots of errors and yeah, you guessed it – it’s another HYIP! It’s fairly new, building it’s reputation very fast, and is currently paying. So, if you are going to invest – do it now, or just wait for the next one. The past few months have been good for bitcoin HYIPs, so hopefully Modern Bitcy keeps the trend going.

Investment Plans

The best bit is that it has no tricky plans or insane numbers to fool the users. There is only a single plan which offers 6.6% daily for 30 days, principal included. This is a total of 198% return which is great. However, the 30 days are only counted on Monday to Friday so it will actually be longer and depends on when you start (i.e.- how many weekends you get).

The minimum deposit is $10, which is about 0.021 BTC at the time of writing. Bitcoin is accepted as well as a few of the other dodgy money processors. The site only works in US dollars so you will need to convert to bitcoin yourself if you need to. You can have multiple deposits and each are handled separately. The deposit is included in the daily payments and cannot be released.

The Website

The website is rather modern, although a little cliche. It has had a bit of time spent on it, but contains a large number of English spelling and grammatical errors. This is probably not of concern to admin given the vast majority of user are from a non-English speaking background. The members section is easy to navigate, and all the information is available. Although, there might be a little bit too much orange for me, but that’s just personal taste.


Overall, I rate Modern Bitcy as excellent partly due to the look of the site, but mainly due to the rate of uptake in the community. It is growing rapidly and hopefully it can sustain this growth and not go past the tipping point and unplug. Because of this, and the fact that your deposit is locked for the full term, I feel it is slightly higher risk than average.

Overall: 4

Risk: 3

Always remember the risks, and please don’t invest bitcoin you can’t afford to lose. You can check my progress on my bitcoin HYIP monitor.