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16th May 2016: Still Not Paying – DO NOT INVEST

9th May 2016: Site back up

8th May 2016: Site Dead

More BTC is a new bitcoin HYIP which is basically a crap version of the classic MinuteBTC HYIP script from a few months ago. It has a real amateur feel to it, and even had a few errors on the site when it first appeared. Not so much professional web design! Anyway, should you invest bitcoin in More BTC?


A tough question, and initially I was not going to, but I ended up placing a small amount in to see how it would go. I started a few days ago as you will see on my bitcoin HYIP monitor, and so far it is paying.

Investment Plans

To get started, first you need to fund your account and then activate the funds as a new deposit. Make sure you remember to do this or you will not earn anything. Once earning, you will see your account balance increase every hour. You can release your deposit anytime; to do this, go to the “Deposits” page and click the magnifying glass icon. You should now see the release button.

You will need to invest more than 0.5 BTC to get 0.1% per hour profit as stated in the banner. However, I recommend investing less than that and being stuck with the measly 0.05% (1.2% per day). This will require 83 days to get to 100% ROI, so maybe just go with a strategy of getting to 40-60%, and then release deposit.

The minimum investment is 0.001 BTC, and minimum withdrawal is 0.0005 BTC. Your deposit is available for withdrawal at any time with a 10% fee for release. Keep in mind that the deposit release only releases it to your balance and you still need to withdraw to you bitcoin wallet after that.

The Website

As previously mentioned, the website is a basic copy of the MinuteBTC script which is a pretty generic script nowadays. The site is easy enough to navigate, but not all the information is available until you log in – like the actual earning rate. You don’t see this until you have funded you account.


Given the rather poor quality of the site, I give MoreBTC a low rating and feel that it is higher risk than your average HYIP. However, it could also end up being a star performer if it is managed correctly. Many HYIPs structured in this way can pay for more than 3 months making them worthwhile. Only time will tell.

Overall: 1

Risk: 4

Always remember the risks, and please don’t invest bitcoin you can’t afford to lose.