More high-paying faucets

The recent crack-down by Google on faucets violating the Adsense policy has really hit the payout levels of many of the top faucets hard. This has also reduced the earnings of faucet users like me substantially. So with great pleasure I bring you two more high-paying faucets along the lines of the two I blogged about the other day.

The first is Guru Coin which has a substantial payout of 4,100 satoshi every 970 minutes (approx 16 hours).


The second is Top Earners which has a lower payout of 3,00 satoshi every 900 minutes (15 hours).


Both of these faucets require you to validate an email address before you can claim, so be sure to use a real one. Also, they both have a 60 second timer before claiming, and then 25 second ad timer, so they do take up a bit of time. However, by simply claiming from these two here and these two once per day, you can earn over 14,000 satoshi with basically no effort.

Interestingly, these faucets have a slightly different advertising revenue model than other faucets. When you go to claim you must click on an ad and a timer window pops up which you must wait out before you get the reward. I’m not sure if this is also a violation of Adsense policy, but in any case it ensures solid revenue for the faucet.

So, head on over to these faucets and keep earning.

BTW, I have also added them to my Top Faucet List.

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