My top 10 tips for HYIP investing

This post follows on from my last post which was about the three most important things when HYIP investing. That post was basically about getting in the right mindset before investing in HYIPs. This post is much more practical and is a bit like a checklist for when you are investing.

The following is a list of top tips that I have compiled from my own experiences investing in HYIPs, as well as from the personal experiences of my readers. These tips are more about keeping yourself and bitcoin safe – we will get to actual investing tips real soon.

1. Do not use your real name

HYIP admin don’t actually care who you are, all they want is your bitcoin. However, they will sell your information without even thinking twice. So, be whoever you want to be, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, or Batman.

2. Create an email just for HYIPs

There are tons of free online web-mail services which require no effort to set up and very little in the way of personal details. This is a quick and easy way to give you a bit of distance from your real details. But, make sure the new email sends “Batman” instead of your real name in the message header.

3. Use a different password for each HYIP

This is especially true if you use your cat’s name for everything. I know multiple passwords are a pain; but, having the admin from BitExplosion using your Internet banking is far worse! Use a simple password generator like, to get as many as you want, or there are lots of free and paid software solutions, browser plugins, and apps around.

4. Never give any real details

An email and bitcoin address is the only real thing you will ever need to give to a HYIP. If they try and phish for more info, make more stuff up. Also be aware of little scams they use to get more info. A classic HYIP bolt-on scam is the debit card which requires more of your personal information. Quite simply, they are the quickest way to lose all your money – not just your invested bitcoin.

5. Always check your details

Every time you deposit into a HYIP, make sure the site is secure (see number 7), and every time you withdraw, make sure the bitcoin address is yours. Seems unnecessary, but a HYIP admin (or hacker) can change addresses with the click of a button.

6. Do not use free proxies or VPNs

You may be a privacy freak and wear a tin-foil hat, but you are going to have to give a little bit if you want to invest in HYIPs. You can get away with free services for some HYIPs, but the second they detect you trying to access your account via proxy they will block it, or delete it. Don’t expect a refund.

7. Never invest in a HYIP without SSL

SSL (aka TLS) basically means the connection to the site is secure. Always check the address of the HYIP when you hit the page. If it has a green https or bar in your browser, it’s good to go. There are many HYIPs that don’t use it, but lots of people invest in them anyway. It’s up to you if you want to take the risk – I don’t. HYIPs are risky enough without the added risk of sending your bitcoin somewhere else.

8. Never respond to an unsolicited email

After investing in a few HYIPs you will start to get emails from unexplained sources. These are because HYIP admin have either sold or lost your info to hacking. The emails mainly contain new HYIP listings, but can also contain tempting offers; and I bet you can guess what they actually are. Just delete them, it’s that simple!

9. Never believe a HYIP

Sometimes HYIPs can tell a wonderful tale, and if you’ve been reading about cloud mining all morning, and then along comes a fancy website offering better returns than actual mining could ever deliver, your brain starts to play tricks on you. This happens to all of us, so just remember this: if it sound too good to be true, then it’s a load of crap!

10. Get the right mind-set

Re-read and memorize these tips and my three most important things for every HYIP you see. In other words, get yourself in the right mindset every time. After a while it comes naturally and then the investing process gets a lot easier. Lastly, if you ever unsure about anything, just ask.

2 thoughts on “My top 10 tips for HYIP investing”

  1. I am planning on investing in the near future. I agree that whenever we invest we need to make sure that the connection is secure, nobody wants to get robbed. I also need to keep in mind that investing is a risky business but it can be worth the wile.

    1. Hi John, yes HYIPs are very risky and secured sites remove only one of the risks. My best advice is to ask many questions to get a better understanding, and to start slow with small investments. Good luck.

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