Nova Trader – New generation of trade

30th April: Problems – looks like site is dead

Nova Trader is a new trading company specializing in trading bitcoin from what I can tell using something called a ‘trade robot soft’. If you know what that is, let me know. Regardless, it’s certainly a high-end looking HYIP to invest bitcoin in, and it packs a 3.96% daily profit which doesn’t include principal.

Let me repeat that – 3.96% daily profit, principal not included on an unlimited time basis. This is unlike many of the HYIPS which include the principal in the daily payment so the actual profit is less than the stated value.

Investment Plans

There are actually 3 plans to choose from based on how much you invest. Up to 1 BTC will get you the 3.96% daily, up to 5 BTC will get you 6.36% daily, while over 5 BTC will get you 8.76% daily, but you will need balls of steel for that one.

If sanity prevails, you will most likely invest less than 1 BTC and earn a solid 3.96% daily. This will get you 100% ROI in around 25 days and then it’s pure profit from there. You can also release your principal earlier and take less profit if that is more your style. The fee for release is 10% so make sure you factor that in when releasing.

The site is bitcoin only and the minimum deposit is 0.01 BTC. Minimum withdrawal is 0.001 BTC and there are no other fees associated when doing so. Profits are calculated hourly so you will see you balance increase every hour.

The Website

As mentioned, the website is rather nice looking and even includes live trade information. Although, one can’t help but think this is generated from a script rather than actual trading – I guess we’ll have to wait and see. All information is available and the members section is easy to navigate and use. To get started you just need to sign up, log in, and deposit some bitcoin.


Overall, I rate Nova Trader as good mainly due to look and feel of the site. At the time of writing advertising is non-existent and might be an indication of the admin wanting to grow the site slowly which could mean much longer running time. For this reason, and the fact that your deposit can be released anytime, I feel Nova Trader is only moderately risky.

Overall: 3

Risk: 2

As always, you can check my progress on my bitcoin HYIP monitor, and remember to not invest bitcoin you can’t afford to lose.