Deposit Included HYIP Insurance SCAM

RightRise – speed camera profits

RightRise is a new company that is not involved in cryptocurrency mining or trading. Yes, you read that right, NOT involved. It actually has something to do with speed cameras and a seemingly dodgy deal with the UK Government. Sounds even worse, but don’t be fooled, this is actually a high-quality HYIP which could be the next ForexParadise. I am even offering HYIP Insurance for the first time.

If you are seeking clarity, the main purpose of RightRise is to attract investment to acquire speed cameras and then profit from the paid fines. Apparently the company has struck a deal with the UK Government to receive 40% of the fines. There is mention of a contract, but no further information is provided. This is obviously a load of rubbish, and clearly this is just another HYIP. Take a look at my basics page if you still think that speed camera investing is the way of the future.

In any case, you only have to look around for a minute to know this is not a cheap instant-scammer like TopBTC. As such, I am offering HYIP Insurance for the first time for RightRise if you invest bitcoin. This means that if you invest under my referral link you will be compensated when the HYIP scams. Further info can be found below.

Investment Plans

RightRise is somewhat bewildering when you first visit the page. This gets even worse when you log in and try and make some sense of it. Luckily, you can ignore most of the waffle, and it’s actually pretty simple. It offers a single variable interest plan of between 1 and 3% daily, principal included, on an unlimited time period. This means you can’t withdraw your principal,… ever.

The minimum investment is $30, or about 0.05 BTC. I know this sounds a bit hefty, but I feel it is far less risky than some of the shorter-term, high-paying HYIPs. The site is bitcoin as well as Payeer using mulitple currencies, but I recommend you only invest bitcoin to keep it nice and simple.


The website for RightRise is really swish, and probably rivals Media-Coin for “HYIP of the Year” in terms of design and execution. I guess we will see if it can also get the prize for “Longest Running”. A lot of work has been put into this site and even features a reward system that means you can earn more when you complete a few tasks, like buying shares, withdrawing, reinvesting, etc. Don’t get too excited as the maximum bonus is a 1.48 times increase in earnings. Oh, well, it’s better than nothing.

Stacks HYIP Insurance

Many of you have probably noticed on my monitor that HYIP Insurance and RCB are coming soon. Well, they have arrived. So, for RightRise, I am offering HYIP insurance by pooling all the referral commissions and allocating further funds to cover the demand from the investors. This will become an “insurance fund” that everyone claims from on a first-come first-serve basis following scamming (aka Insurance Event).


  • You must sign up under my ref link and be an active investor
  • Invest bitcoin only (no Payeer insurance)
  • If you attract your own referrals, you get more insurance payout
  • Minimum Cover: 10% of invested
  • Maximum Cover: 100% of invested minus amount paid out
  • Expires: 1st November 2016 (last day to invest to be eligible)
  • Redemption: within 48 hours after scamming (time of scam determined by me)

To Claim

To claim the insurance you need to check this page for a special form which will appear here after RightRise scams. The form will only be valid for 48 hours and is the only way to claim – don’t spam me! Simply fill in your details when it appears and submit the form. Once the claim period closes, I will contact you and the fund will be divided up between valid recipients on a pro-rata basis; i.e.- the more you have invested, the more you get back.

NOTE: Stacks Insurance is experimental and subject to change. By using this site and claiming insurance you agree to any conditions. I am not in the business of scamming – there are already plenty of them around!