RomBall – investment or gambling?

15th May: Not Paying – DO NOT INVEST!

RomBall is a professional investment company involved in roulette gambling using dedicated software and a team of expert gamblers. With more than 10 years experience, one might feel that this company is the real deal. All you do is invest bitcoin and sit back and relax.


Well, if you believe that, you will believe anything. Seriously though, this is just another HYIP with a lame professional business front. It seems to be trying to leverage off the success of the now defunct Pokeram which crashed and burned recently. That’s sounds counter-intuitive, but Pokeram was the go-to HYIP for a long time. Anyway, RomBall is new and has some nifty investment plans to choose from.

There are six investment plans ranging from 1.2% daily to 3.3% daily depending on how much you invest – the more you invest, the higher the interest and the longer the investment term. I recommend the basic plan of 1.2% daily with an investment up to 0.5BTC which runs for 15 days. At the end of the 15 days you get your principal back (hopefully).

The following table shows all the investment plans:

Plan Interest Daily Deposit Range (BTC) Term (days) Total Return
1 1.2% 0.0025 – 0.4999 15 118%
2 1.7% 0.5 – 1.2499 30 151%
3 2.0% 1.25 – 2.499 45 190%
4 2.4% 2.5 – 7.4999 60 244%
5 2.8% 7.5 – 24.9999 75 310%
6 3.3% 25 – 125 90 397%

If you are a serious HYIP investor and are OK with high risk when you invest bitcoin, then plan 4 is probably suitable with 2.5 BTC as you can get 244% in 60 days. This timeframe should be achievable; but, remember the risks.

You can make as many deposits as you like and each one is treated separately. You can withdraw earnings (not principal) at any time as long as your balance is greater than 0.001 BTC. The site is easy to use, just add funds to the address provided and wait for it to appear. Then simply check your earnings and withdraw when ready. Too easy.

Lastly, you can check out my HYIP basics for more information, or follow my progress on RomBall with my bitcoin HYIP monitor. Good luck.