Shine Bitcoin – let your bitcoins shine

15th April: SCAM – Not Paying. DO NOT INVEST!
Shine Bitcoin is just another HYIP for you to invest bitcoin in, but it does have the best slogan in a long time – “let your bitcoins shine” so I just had to do a review of this one. It’s nice and simple as it only has one investment level so you can just stick some bitcoins in there and hope they come back shiny… or just come back!

The basic plan is 0.22% hourly for 30 days with your principal included in the payments. This works out to a total return of 158.4% of your initial investment. The minimum investment is 0.001 BTC, and there is no limit on the maximum, but keep in mind the risks associated with HYIPs and I recommend no more than 0.1 BTC if you are new to HYIP investing.

The look and feel of Shine Bitcoin is really nice, and it even has a company certification in plain view. The company is focused on delivering maximal profit for each investor whilst minimizing risk and creating sustainable returns… for 30 days. It is involved in either promising businesses or bitcoin trading – I can’t work out which one. In any case, the site is Comodo secured which is nice.

As always, check my HYIP basic and monitor page, and remember the risks. Never invest bitcoin you can’t afford to lose.