Deposit Included HYIP RCB 100% SCAM

SkyMiners – more crypto mining

SkyMiners is a cryptocurrency and investment company that has apparently been around since 1992. Although, it says it’s not new, it really is. The thought of yet another cryptocurrency mining and investment company bores me just a little, and I’m guessing that many of you are probably sick of seeing them as well. But, did you know that the last one of these returned 290%, and the one before that returned 320%. Still bored?

Well I for one don’t care about what the company does and I’m definitely not bored when presented with that potential investment return. So, if you simply look past the old worn-out story, and the similar designs of all these sites, you will quickly see that this one is actually another investment program from the team that brought us WorldMiners, CryptoShare, and many other similar programs.


Firstly, I should point out this is a HYIP, and that they are a very risky way to invest bitcoin. If  you are new to this type of investing, I recommend you check my basics page for more information. But, if you are ready to swap your hard-earned bitcoin for some uncertainty for 10 days and then pure profit after that, then SkyMiners may just be the program for you.

Again, there is not much new or interesting about the new SkyMiners program, and you can clearly see some common elements from the previous programs as mentioned before. However, this one has had a bit of a “HYIP makeover” and as a result seems fresher looking and is a bit easier to navigate.

Investment Plans

Just like World Miners, SkyMiners has the three plans to choose from. The first, and only plan you should invest in is 10% daily for an unlimited time. This plan will see you to 100% ROI in 10 days which the program should be able to achieve. The other plans require more than 10 BTC, so use your brain when investing and you’ll be fine. It appears that I really need a template for writing about these sites, because again, the site is bitcoin only and the minimum investment is 0.001 BTC for the 10% plan. The minimum withdrawal is 0.0005 BTC. Too easy.

Investment Strategy

The beauty of the 10% programs is that it there isn’t much to do other than invest nice and early and then withdraw when you can. I do not recommend any further investing into the program after your initial investment. The reasoning is simple – many of these programs barely make it to 100% ROI point if you invest on the first day, and the percentage that actually gets to 300% ROI is quite small. So, please remember the risks.

RCB Offer

As always (almost), I am offering 100% RCB (referral commission back) for SkyMiners. Please note that the minimum investment for RCB is 0.01 BTC. To claim your RCB, simply use the contact form or email after you have invested and send the following details:

  • Your SkyMiners username
  • The email address you used for SkyMiners
  • A screenshot of you main account page
  • A bitcoin wallet address

NOTE: RCBs will be paid after it scams so make sure you claim before then.