Spend Bitcoin

There are many ways to spend bitcoin – here are a few ideas to get you started.

You really have two basic options. You can simply exchange it for a fiat currency in the country you live or you can find somewhere that accepts direct bitcoin payment. We will focus on the second one and use our beloved cryptocurrency as much as we can.

Retail Therapy

Everyone loves a bit of retail therapy now and then so here are a few suggestions to swap your bitcoin for something you may or may not need.

Overstock is a behemoth online retailer that has everything you could ever want and at some insane bargain prices if you are willing to put int the time searching. Simply sign up and shop as you normally would, then when checking out you can select the bitcoin option and pay whatever the going currency exchange rate is.

Purse.io is a bit of a confusing concept at first but it basically is a middle man between people wanting to buy gift cards and people wanting to sell gift cards. Choose from millions of products, pay with bitcoin and get some pretty big discounts.


SpendBitcoins is an online directory that currently lists over 100,000 merchants which accept bitcoin and you can browse for basically any product you wish to purchase. There is a local version of the site for pretty much any location you can think of. You can also browse a map to find merchants in the area you are located.

Online Marketplaces

Along the lines of retail but with a greater variety and many a bargain for those willing to hunt for it. Bitify is relatively new but is starting to gain a decent reputation mainly due to the onsite escrow service where funds are held until the sale is complete. Similar to Paypal, this gives the buyer some assurance that the seller is legitimate and that they will receive the goods.


Travel with bitcoin

If you’re on the road you can jump on the coinmap site and you can easily find places which accept bitcoin. There are over 7,500 venues listed and growing all the time.

Another bitcoin directory is bitcoin.travel which specializes in accommodation and other travel-oriented services like airport shuttles, tours, and travel agents. It also has a healthy number of categories including food and restaurants, health, and shopping.



When all else fails (or anytime is good too) you can donate your bitcoin to a charitable organization and see it put to good use. There are lots nowadays that accept bitcoin as well as normal currency donations.

Bit Give Foundation is a fairly new charity which focuses on international public health an environmental issues which is no easy goal, so the more bitcoin the better. Head over now and practice sending some bitcoin.

Wikimedia Foundation is the group responsible for Wikipedia and many others and they really are the epitome of the positive effect that the Internet and access to information can have on the world. It now accepts donations in bitcoin.