The Fab Four-cets

The Beatles are an institution in popular music for many reasons; but ultimately they successfully tapped a market that was crying out for it. The following four faucets may not write songs, but they certainly are creating a ‘Faucetmania’ of their own…

First cab off the rank is Get Free Bitcoins, with a whopping payout of 2,400 satoshi every 7 hours, 20 minutes.

Closely following is Safe Bitcoins paying out slightly less at 2,300 satoshi every 7 hours, 10 minutes.

Next is The Big Earner paying out 2,150 satoshi every 7 hours.

Last, and unfortunately least, is Break the Coin paying out 2,100 every 6 hours, 40 minutes.

All four faucets are certainly getting their fair share of the attention with an average Alexa global rank of less than 30,000 and all still climbing. The top pair are almost identical sites, as are the other pair suggesting that all four are commonly managed or at least closely affiliated in some way. All four sites are reliable and are building a solid reputation.

On the negative side, they all require an advertisement click and waiting out a time delay to complete the claim; and in some cases, even a math problem to solve. In addition, both Get Free Bitcoins and Safe Bitcoins are not mobile device friendly.

With just these four faucets you can really give your earnings a kick along. Although, as the claim times vary you will have to stagger when you claim, but with a hard day’s night you can claim at least three times. At this rate you can claim 26,850 satoshi for minimal effort. You certainly will be Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds!

So, you can’t buy me love, but you will be able to buy me something with bitcoin if you dig it!