The highest paying faucet

I’ve been a bit focused on high-paying faucets lately, and this post is certainly no exception. Alien Faucet is the daddy faucet from the Bitcoin Aliens team and it makes the bold claim that it is the ‘highest paying faucet in the world‘. Big statement – is it true?

Well, it depends on how you define it, and if you are going for highest average hourly claim rate, than yes, Alien Faucet is the highest. With an Alexa rank of under 10,000 it is also one of the highest ranked faucets in the world, so it is massively popular.


You can claim every 5 minutes and the average claim is 361 at the moment which works out to 4,338 satoshi per hour. There are 5 different claim payouts ranging from 270 up to 18,000 but generally will be either 270 or 450.

You will need to log in with an email address and then verify it before you can be paid. Your balance accumulates on site and is paid out every Tuesday once over 20,000 satoshi.

There are other faucets that have higher claim payouts and lower claim intervals, but the reliability of Alien Faucet wins hands down. However, these other faucets will either run dry or prevent you from continuously claiming, thus lowering your overall average hourly rate.

But to top it off, you can also visit the high paying sister sites Paid Books, Daily Doge, and Weekend Bitcoin and you really will be stacking up the coin.