The most important thing when investing

There are almost as many reasons why people invest as there are things to invest in. We at Stacks of Coin will be focusing on bitcoin; but, whatever the reason, and whatever the chosen investment, what is the single most important thing to remember when investing?


No matter what reason you are investing, a well thought-out plan that is followed right through your investment journey will make the difference. Even a small amount of time planning will rule out the “get-rich” schemes thereby increasing your chance of success. As you move along in your investment journey it will also give you an idea of how you’re tracking as well as the motivation to keep going.

Remember, your plan will need to be adjusted here and there, but you must always remember what got you started and where you are heading. Would you get into a taxi with no idea where you are going and hope the driver will get you there?

So, if you are getting started – make a plan. If you are already on your journey – check your plan. And most importantly, if you are succeeding due to your plan – help somebody make a plan. It’s really that simple.

Happy Investing.