TinderBTC – power up your bitcoins

TinderBTC is definitely a contender for the best slogan… I mean who doesn’t want to power up their bitcoins? The website is pretty basic and there is only a single plan available. The trading story is plausible but we’ve heard it all before. So, I’m guessing what you really want to know whether you should invest bitcoin or not.


And fair enough too… so, lets get right to it and take a look.

Investment Plans

As mentioned, there is only a single plan which will get you 0.1% profit per hour, or 2.4% per day. Your principal is not included in this and can be released at any time for a 5% fee. This is a fairly common model, and I tend to prefer this type of HYIP as it is good returns, and you have some flexibility in the length of time to invest.

The site is bitcoin only and the minimum deposit is 1 satoshi, believe it or not, although I would recommend investing a little more than that. The minimum withdrawal is 0.003 BTC and there are no other fees associated when doing so. Profits are calculated hourly so you will see you balance increase and you can withdraw once above the minimum.

To release your deposit, go to ‘manage deposit’ and click release. This will move it to your account balance which you can then withdraw to your bitcoin address from there.

The Website

The website is rather basic, but it is nice to look at and easy to navigate. All the information is available before even logging in so there are no nasty surprises after you deposit. The members section is fairly standard and you are given a unique address to deposit to.

To get started you just need to sign up, log in, and deposit some bitcoin and you will begin earning every hour. There is compounding available up to 100% which means your deposit will grow at the 2.4% daily rate rather than your account balance.


Overall, I rate TinderBTC as excellent as the site is well executed and I quite like the 2.4% daily with principal release type of HYIP. Advertising is still low, as is the uptake in the HYIP community, but it’s reputation is slowly building. As such, I feel that it is only moderately risky, so an investment up to 10% of your total investment portfolio should be OK. (I will blog more about HYIP portfolios and allocations soon).


Risk: 2

As always, you can check my progress on my bitcoin HYIP monitor, and remember to not invest bitcoin you can’t afford to lose.

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    1. Withdrawals are still instant – have you set your bitcoin address in account settings?

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