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TopBTC – top copy of AimBTC

TopBTC is apparently a company specializing in cryptocurreny investments which you can invest bitcoin in. Now there’s something we don’t see everyday… no wait, yes we do! Anyway, this one is particularly interesting because it looks and feels exactly like a strong performing HYIP that you may have heard of – AimBTC. But, is this the real deal?

Well, no, it’s not, but I guess a close copy of AimBTC had to appear eventually. It has been running for over 80 days and it is simply leaving all other HYIPs for dead. I mean, how many people have heard of AimBTC?

I’m guessing it’s a lot; but, all of those people fit into two distinct categories. Those that did well, and those that missed out, and I don’t think I’m going out on a limb when I say that both groups would be pretty keen to have another crack at it. I know I am. However, there is a old saying that springs to mind… “only fools rush in”. So, think carefully about the motivation of the admin for this one before investing your bitcoin.

Regardless of whether it is AimBTC admin or some other hack trying to cash-in on their reputation, we must never forget that all HYIPs are risky. If you are new to HYIP investing you should check out my basics page for more information.

TopBTC Monitor

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Investment Plans

Just like AimBTC, TopBTC is a classic bitcoin HYIP which I am particularly fond of. The first plan is 3.84% daily for deposits up to 5 BTC. Don’t bother with the other plans as they require more than 5 BTC. All plans are principal release, with a fee of 10%. The minimum investment is 0.01 BTC, and the minimum withdrawal is 0.0001 BTC. This makes it great for new, and seasoned investors alike. The site is bitcoin only to keep it nice and simple.

I recommend only a modest bitcoin investment for TopBTC, and only investing it for around 10 to 15 days before releasing your principal. This will see a return of around 48% when you take into account the release fee, plus your original deposit back. Not too bad for little effort. Make sure you follow the log below for more information as the HYIP progresses.


As mentioned earlier, the website for TopBTC is a pretty good copy of AimBTC – not an exact copy – more of a copy to make you think that it is a new version of AimBTC and that you should invest heaps in it because you either did well, or missed out. The text however, is an exact copy which is just sloppy work and pretty much gives the game away. Remember, this is a HYIP admin we are talking about and nothing is out of the question. Other than that, the site is fine and everything works as it should.


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