TopMine – cloud mining HYIP

TopMine is a new HYIP under the guise of cloud mining where you can invest bitcoin. It has had a few issues getting going, but it looks to be coming good now. It has the standard slick looking website front-end and account area. The site accepts four currencies including bitcoin and is paying at the moment.


TopMine has been running for about two weeks now and has already had a malicious attack which partially disabled the site and many user accounts were lost. It has since fixed these issues and is running well. It pays 1.33% per day interest which is a bit lower than many HYIPs, but hopefully can run for a few months. The site has a minimum investment of 0.0001 bitcoin.

Once signed up, you can make a deposit with either Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin or US Dollars – so plenty of options to get started. After you make a deposit it may not appear in your account, so you will need to go the ‘Deposit’ page and click the ‘Check Deposit’ button. It should then appear on the account page.

TopMine uses a fictitious mining unit called TeraX which you must purchase before you can mine any of the currencies. When you sign up, you get a bonus of 5 TeraX, which is about US$0.12, but you will need a lot more if you want to make any money on TopMine.

The account page is broken up into four sections – one for each type of currency. Once your deposit appears you need to buy TeraX which you can do on the ‘Exchange’ page. Just select the currency in your balance and click the ‘Exchange’ button.

Now, just jump back to the Account page and select which currency you would like to earn (i.e. – Start Mining). You can also mine TeraX to increase your mining power if you want, but keep in mind you will not be mining other currencies if you do. Once you’re up and running, you can just leave it and withdraw once you reach 0.001 bitcoin or equivalent in the other currencies.

Too easy, you can track my progress on my bitcoin HYIP monitor, and always remember the risks with HYIPs. Never invest bitcoin that you can’t afford to lose.

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